Work On Brčko District Youth Strategy Continues

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During the third meeting, members of the working groups discussed the results of the analysis of the position and needs of youth in Brčko District of BiH. Based on this analysis, conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT for the Government of Brčko District and internal analyses of current youth-related measures and programs implemented by Brčko District, the working group discussed future priority measures for youth. During this meeting, the group learned how to analyze problems, define priorities and propose adequate measures and programs for youth.

The meeting was attended by a representative of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), who presented the work IOM does in Brčko, particularly focusing on youth who are socially marginalized and exposed to negative societal influences.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT provides expert and advisory support to the working group of the Government of Brčko District of BiH in this process, and cooperates with the Youth Council of Brčko District of BiH.

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Article 17 of the Youth Law of Brčko District stipulates that care for youth is of general interest in the Brčko District.

Care for youth entails:

  1.     a) defining and providing conditions for youth organizing
  2.     b) creating and implementing a youth strategy.

According to the law, a youth strategy is a document detailing a program approach to youth including defining their problems and needs, providing a strategic plan of action, goals and measures for reaching those goals. A youth strategy is based on a survey about young people’s needs and problems.

The meeting was held in accordance with COVID-19 prevention measures required by Brčko District.

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