Improving Position of Youth by Supporting Organizations

narko ne

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has been working on creating better conditions for youth in BiH by supporting other organizations with similar concerns - the wellbeing of youth.

On March 21, 2019 in Sarajevo, a contract was signed with the Association for prevention of addiction NARKO-NE, who will implement an advocacy initiative intended to improve the quality of life of young people and youth policies in BiH.

Youth in BiH are faced with many problems that mostly resulted from years of the government’s lack of care for youth. Almost all levels of government lack a program and strategic approach to supporting effort to improve the position of youth in BiH. Although entity laws stipulate that the government is required to support youth by adopting and using strategic documents, only 43% of municipalities in BiH have a youth strategy.

Organisations concerned with youth issues have been working for years on improving the current situation. To ensure that these efforts are sustainable in the long-term, it is important to continuously provide support in the implementation of activities and initiatives that contribute to improving youth policies. In order to help young people, strengthen the youth work sector and improve the situation in BiH,

the Institute for Youth Development KULT encourages leadership in youth aimed at active participation in democratic processes, which is why we issues a public call for funding youth projects in BiH. In doing so, the Institute invited NGOs registered in BiH to submit their project proposals whose implementation will directly and indirectly contribute to improving youth policies in BiH.

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