Traditionally, for the 6th time, organised by the volunteers of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and with the support of the Municipality of IlidĹľa and many economic societies, Youth Day of the Municipality of IlidĹľa was held on Friday, 2 July. This year as well, the manifestation of youth for youth was preceeded by extensive and detailed preparations of volunteers that contributed to a rich and contentful programme. 

The Paint the Summer in Our Colours children's workshop was held in front of SPAJALICA from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm for 1st to 4th grade elementary school students, as well as for kindergarden kids that were able to attend with their parents. Through the children's workshop, kids from elementary schools and kindergardens had the opportunity to make new friends, play various games with volunteers, sing, dance, draw artworks. A surprise was prepared for them - an animator with a heart full of smiles, and who made various balloon forms for the kids. The children's workshop was entertained by the sounds of the Most 387 radio. 

A concert for everyone, as the second part of the programme, was held in Ilidža Summer Stage from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Many visitors had the opportunity to enjoy what they saw and heard. The excellent atmosphere was entrusted to the young BiH music talents: Armin Muzaferija, Muštuluk band, DJ Dinero, the youth hip hop dance group Young Dreamerz, as well as Rijana Jusufbegovi?.

There are numerous friends of this year's Youth Day. On this occasion, the diligent team thanks the following friends for their support: Hotel Hollywood, Thermal Riviera IlidĹľa, Amos Graf, Sarajevska pivara, Dukat mljekara d.o.o, Pizza U2 Bono, Maroonsh oriental bar, Pingi d.o.o.

Youth Day of the Municipality of IlidĹľa is only one of the positive examples that demonstrate how youth can perform and do perform great things. They are the ones who aid people, take care of nature, health, human rights, nurture tradition, culture, raise citizen's awareness, emphasize values. These examples underline the friendliness towards youth, aim to express youth creativity through fun, and especially aim to improve youth living standard and their cultural elevation as the primary aim.  

Media broadcasts related to Youth Day promotion are available here.


A group of volunteers attending the seminar held on 2 April on topic "Volunteering Makes People Special", organised by the NGO "Svjetlo" and Centre for Personal and Professional Development (CLPU), started an interesting action. 

Since it is a group of representatives of different institutions and organisations from different areas of BiH (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Vogoš?a, Ilijaš and Kakanj), and for the purpose of continuing the commenced socialisation and cooperation, a realisation of one of the ideas that appeared as interesting at the seminar was initiated. It is an action of gathering books for the library of the Centre for Persons of Old Age. 

If you are interested in taking part in this action and supporting the project, you can deliver the book(s) you chose to donate to the Youth Centre SPAJALICA (Banjska ul.2, in ilidĹľa). 

The institutions and organisations that have taken part in bringing this idea to life are: J.U.NUB "Derviš Suši? Tuzla", Mufti of Tuzla, Aktiva Association, UG Tempo, Mozaik Foundation, MIOS Tuzla, UG Women to Women, UG Something More, UG Berekt, Library and Documentation Centre, Committee for Preserving National Monuments of BiH, Association of Judges, Partnership for Public Health, as well as the Association KULT.


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