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The Institute for Youth Development KULT published its Annual Report for 2019 in the form of a comic book, and you can download it here. Don’t forget to share the Report with your friends!

The last year of the past decade was very important for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2019, young people drove change in the social, economic and political sphere. Their efforts contributed to the development of their communities. They prevented environmental disasters, created green spaces and transformed them into areas for socializing and learning. They created opportunities for their peers to take part in cultural, arts and sports events, they supported educational institutions and helped persons with developmental disabilities. They worked on reducing youth unemployment by starting businesses and hiring other young people, and by sharing their experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship. They supported their local governments in implementing youth laws, they actively participated in politics so that they can contribute to building a better future for all young people - and they had the Institute’s strong, wholehearted support. That’s why young people are superheroes in their communities!

 In 2019, The Institute signed a very important agreement with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, which will result in a unique analysis of the position and needs of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This ultimately means that state institutions will have clear and useful information they can use to decide how to organize their efforts to support young people in all aspects they need support with.

Some of the Institute’s partners in 2019 were: The United States Agency for International Development USAID, Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in BiH, European Union, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH, Swedish Olof Palme Center, German Agency for International Development GIZ, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Sarajevo Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Municipality of Ilidža, City of Sarajevo and 50 other local communities in BiH.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” (Alice in Wonderland)

That’s why we’re walking down the road of creating better lives for young people in BiH.

Our KULTwoman and KULTman will lead you through the comic book and show you what the Institute achieved in 2019, with the support of donors, partners, government institutions and young people. So, make sure you don’t skip any pages!


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, students haven't been able to go into their classrooms for the past few weeks. They're now attending class online, which is a problem for some students and families because they don't have the equipment necessary to keep up with the lectures and complete their assignments. That's why the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with local partners, launched the initiative “Donate equipment – help students learn online” to ensure that all children and youth are able to meet the technical requirements of online classes.

All physical and legal entities can donate equipment in working order to one of the collection points, by bringing it directly to the address or arranging to meet the local coordinator. Current local collection points are listed below:


Legal entity

Local coordinator

Collection point address



 Udruženje "Sara Srebrenica"

 Valentina Gagić

 Srebreničkog odreda b.b.

 065 930 011


 Udruženje "KULT Gradačac"

 Nerma Džaferović

 Ul. Reufa Huseinagića b.b.

 062 703 131

 Novi Grad

 Association "Green Team"

 Mario Crnković

 Karađorđa Petrovića 74

 066 262 610

 Velika Kladuša

 Democratic Youth Organization

 Jasmina Keserović

 Ibrahima Bržljaka b.b.

 061 536 631

 Bosanski Petrovac

 Youth Council Bosanski Petrovac

 Omar Salihagić

 Ul. Bosanska br.110 - Municipality building

 062 561 982


 ORC Dekameron

 Adnan Hamidović

 Branilaca BiH bb – Cultural Center

 061 369 663


 Udruženje za rekreaciju i rehabilitaciju Bužim

 Nedžada Alešević

 Ul. generala Izeta Nanića b.b.

 062 595 294

 Sanski Most

 Centar za izgradnju mira

 Vahidin Omanović

 Banjalučka 2

 061 443 988


 BBK Daj krug

 Adnan Makić

 Dr. Irfana Ljubijankića 1

 037 352 055


 Youth Association REaktiv

 Ajdin Imamović

 Jalijski put 5 - Centar za mlade Zenica

 061 638 880


 Agencija lokalne demokratije LDA

 Dino Sinanović

 Omladinska 10

 061 019 210


 Association "Ženska vizija"

 Amela Hajvaz

 Mihajla i Živka Crnogorčevića br.9

 061 859 080


 Association "Volonteri i prijatelji konjičke regije"

 Semira Jablić

 Civilnih žrtava 3

 062 674 839


 Youth association Agape

 Iva Bilić

 Lisice 48

 063 909 484

 Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje

 Citizen’s association Bistrica

 Sulejman Abazović

 Bistrica b.b. - Association premises

 062 775 610



 Dijana Alpeza

 Ledinac 192, D. Mamići

 063 108 122


 Omladinski centar Bugojno

 Adis Čaušević

 Sultan Ahmedova 55

 062 376 992


 SPORTIK Fojnica

 Munir Softić

 Mehmeda Spahe 13b

 062 597 385

If you want to donate equipment in the Sarajevo Canton, contact the Association “Novo društvo”, i.e. the Parents’ Council of Sarajevo Canton.

The central collection point is in the “Skender Kulenović” Elementary, Bulevar Mimara Sinana bb, Sarajevo. Below are the addresses of collection points in other municipalities:


Local coordinator

Phone number

 Stari Grad

 Esma Kalamujić

 061 543 234


 Zulfo Ahmetović

 062 564 564

 Novo Sarajevo

 Aida Bezdrob

 061 227 096

 Novi Grad

 Vinko Malnar

 061 706 645

 Ilidža, Hadžići, Trnovo

 Hamdija Šetić

 062 524 775

 Vogošća, Ilijaš

 Adis Džebić

 061 854 290

The donated equipment must meet the minimum requirements for online classes: computers and laptops with at least 3 GB RAM (preferably 4 GB), Windows 7 (preferably Windows 10), computers and laptops should be less than 7 years old and able to play multimedia content online. Tablet with a minimum of 2 GB RAM. All donors should ensure that the equipment is in working order, and be aware that it will be given to families in need and will not be returned to the donor after the pandemic, or after online classes end.

If you would like to establish a local collection point, fill out the online application  and the Institute’s staff will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to donate equipment but are unable to come to any of the local collection points, please fill out the online form so we can arrange the drop-off. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This activity will be ongoing until further notice, and information will be available on the Institute’s website www.mladi.org and social media. Donate equipment - help students learn online!

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