Youth Speak: We Need Education and Prosperity, Not National Rhetoric

svedska kafa saYouth in BiH don’t need any more discussions about issues of nationality, they want more non-formal education, more opportunities to improve and use their knowledge – this is the message sent by youth taking part in the event “Coffee Time With representatives of the Swedish Embassy in BiH”.

The Institute hosted an open discussion with representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in BiH – the Ambassador, Mr. Anders Hagelberg and the Embassy’s guest, Mr. Johannes Oljelund General Director of International Cooperation Development at the Ministry of External Affairs of Sweden. The Swedish delegation talked to young people, past and current participants of the Institute’s trainings, including the Institute’s volunteers, activists from the NGO sector and young politicians.

Kafa sa svedska

The main topic of conversation was youth’s opinion on priority problems in BiH, and how they perceive these problems. There was a brief presentation of the three priorities that the Swedish Embassy in BiH is working on: democracy, economic development and business community, after which the young people shared their view of the challenges in this area.

Youth talked about problems in education, employment, the negative effect of the media on young people’s attitudes, and about their vision for improving the BiH society.

“It’s important to connect the formal education system with non-formal education in BiH, because youth need both if they want better opportunities on the labor market.”- said Berina, one of the participants.

“Coffee Time With…” was organized at the initiative of the Delegation of the Swedish Embassy in BiH, who wanted youth’s honest opinions on various topics, particularly the topics that the Embassy will be working on in the near future.

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