Municipality of Bosanska Krupa Supports Start-Up Businesses of Two Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs from Bosanska Krupa, Selma Oki? and Alija Jusi?, signed contracts today with the Municipality on financing their start-up businesses. Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, as one of the participants of the Youth Start-Up Businesses Initiative supported by the local communities, with the technical assistance of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, provided an opportunity to youth in the local community to educate themselves in writing business plans and offered funds and advisory support to youth who see their future in self-employment.

Youth Start-Up Businesses Initiative aims at introducing insitutional mechanisms to support youth self-employment as a sustainable form of employment through providing financial and advisory aid to youth interested in self-employment.

The Institute continues to conduct activities related to the Initiative, cooperating with municipalities interested in introducing a detailed and developed mechanism of support to youth entrepreneurs and with youth who wish to turn their idea into a business plan, and, with the help of their Municipality, start a sustainable and successful start-up business.

The Initiative is supported as a part of the Youth Employment Project (YEP) that is being realised with the support of the Swiss Government.

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