Sarajevo Canton Soon to Have Data on Position of Youth

Representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT held a working meeting with the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton, Mr. Elvir Kazazovi?.

The topic of the meeting was the process of developing the Study on the Position of Youth that will represent the basis for developing the Youth Strategy of Sarajevo Canton.

The methodology of developing an analysis on requirements and the position of youth was arranged along with a questionnaire that will be used as one of the tools in gathering necessary data. The importance of the participation of Youth Councils in municipalities and cantons in making relevant decisions concerning the issues of this population was also discussed.


As concluded during the meeting, a working group should be formed soon that will commence with developing the Youth Strategy of Sarajevo Canton based on the analysis, and the manners in which the Resource Ministry will additionally involve itself in creating the best environment for youth were also considered.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has already began with intensive activities in preparing the Study on the position and requirements of youth in Sarajevo Canton.

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