BiH Society Has New Young Leaders


“We learned that we should never give up and always forge bravely ahead. These certificates are only the beginning of changes that we, young leaders, will bring to our local communities and the BiH society.” This was the message sent by the participants of the 13th generation of the Learn, Think and Act” training, and the first generation of the Learn, Think and Act! for Young Political Leaders (UMiDp), who received their certificates in a ceremony held on December 5, 2018 in Sarajevo.

The event included more than 40 training participants received their certificates, in a ceremony attended by representatives of youth organizations in BiH, participants of the Institute's previous trainings, and many friends of the Institute.

Learn, Think and Act! (UMiD) is the Institute's certified youth leader training program, which teaches participants how to be proactive citizens who take initiative, share their opinions and actively participate in decision-making processes in their community.

“I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that UMiD helped me become more mature – both professionally and personally. In ten months I learned more than I did in three years at university, and I met people from all parts of BiH that I will stay in touch with long after I’ve finished UMiD.” said Mario Mrkić, participant of the 13th Learn, Think and Act! training, from Tuzla.

UMiD for Young Political Leaders (UMiDp) is the Institute's program for political leaders, i.e. young people from different political parties. During three 5-day modules, the participants acquired skills and knowledge about the political system in BiH, learned how to navigate the political landscape, how to construct a political image and how to advocate and negotiate in order to address youth needs and problems.

“During the training we learned about our own potential, our shortcomings, our good sides and bad sides. Now we have a clearer picture of the needs and problems of youth in today's society, and we feel like we can and must help.” - said Tea Ružić, UMiDp participant.

The trainings were organized and implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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