Institute for Youth Development KULT, SHL and Association XY held workshops for Module I on the topic "Methods and Models of Primary Prevention of Addiction in BiH" for youth from IlidĹľa Municipality. The workshop was held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. The participants of International Primary School Sarajevo and Druga osnovna škola participated in the first in a row of seven Modules that are planned by JUPPO Project and conducted by the Association for preventing addiction NARKO NO with the listed partners.

Through educative-entertaining activities and an interactive approach, the students from the listed schools had the opportunity to learn more about their habits, attitudes to addictions, as well as to actively participate in the workshops that encourage them to pursue healthier lifestyles. Two groups of students, together with youth workers in training, held two workshops each for the first module, on 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th May at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA.


The next set of activities related to the project were planned from 19 to 22 May, when the youth workers will attend educational workshops of Module II in Bjelašnica, at Maršal Hotel. On completing Module II, youth workers will gather children once more and organise a series of workshops for Module II.

The JUPPO Project responds to youth requirements through modules of improving youth workers and networking key actors for preventing addiction in BiH. Modules and workshops respond the question of how to protect children and youth from all over BiH from addiction, violence and autodestructive behavior. JUPPO Project will be realised through seven educative modules of 4-5 days led by international experts. 18 participants from all over BiH will acquire expert and pedagogical competences for practical work with youth in preventing addiction. Organisations and institutions from which the participants are coming will join in an informal network to become a profiled partner in making decisions that concern improving conditions for raising children and youth in a society with no addiction or violent behavior.


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At Sremski Karlovci in Serbia the sixth in a row three-day conference was opened, entitled "6th European Platform of Youth Centres“. The participants of the platform came from 16 countries such as Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal and Turkey. Amongst others, the participants in the platform were Olaf Köndgen, ?uro Blanuša, Georges Metz and Sergio Belfor, the members of the expert team of the Council of Europe. Vesna Filipovi? and Lejla Strika, representatives of the Institute for Youth Developmant KULT presented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the platform.

Activities and achievements of all youth centres were presented during the platform and "Quality Label“ certificate was awarded to the Eco-Centre "Radulova?ki" of Sremski Karlovci with which the representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Institute's Centre for Youth Spajalica are planning to establish cooperation in the future.

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"These platforms are extremely important for further development of youth centres but also for informal education of youth all across Europe. They are particularly significant for raising standards in youth centres in countries that are not members of the EU" – emphasized Vesna Filipovi?, the manager of the Institute's Centre for Youth Spajalica.

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In the final debate on the topic "This House Believes Europe over America", the affirmative team declared victory by proving the thesis. The teams were consisted from participants from the Third Gymnasium, the Fifth Gymnasium, High Economic School and Sarajevo College. They all presented the auditorium with a highly intellectual discussion about trust the world should have for the greatest military and economic powers. The main arguments that the participants used were democracy and its implementation in the 21th century as well as the evaluation process during the history. The debate was held in the World School formate, one of the most difficult formates of debating.

Maida Mujevi? was declared as the best participant, followed by Aziz Hrelji? and Irma Muli?.

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The debate is a part of the "Debate Club" project that has been conducted in the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA for the past two years. The traget group are high school pupils and it is important to emphasize that this year 10 high schools and 55 students participated.

The debate club will be realised again in the following school year.

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Students of I3 class from International Primary School visited the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. The aim of the visit was to demonstrate to the first graders where and how, in a very productive and fun manner, their peers and those a bit older than them spend their leisure time. Thirty children spent time with children from the School of Friendship. A joint workshop was also held, in which the children leared about dinosaurs. They also had a lot of fun.

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The first of two full-day workshops on the topic "Solving Conflicts Peacefully" was held in SPAJALICA.  The participants of the worlshop were high school pupils and students from Sarajevo Canton. The workshop was interactive and the participants used exercises and roleplay to learn basic notions and types of communication. Dialogue, communication, respect, active hearing, non-verbal communication, conflict, confrontation, mediation and compromise are the basic notions that were covered. The workshop participants concluded that the most often cause of conflict is failure to communicate that often leads to devastating consequences amongst youth. The workshop was moderated by MA Prof Selma RedĹľo. 

This workshop, as well as the following, that is being planned for May 15, was included in the Youth Strategy of IlidĹľa Municipality.





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