Attendees of The School of Friendship were greeted by their peers from the Herman Gmeiner SOS Social Centre with a performance in which they sang several songs. The children from The School of Friendship sang along as well. 

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Attendees of The School of Friendship enjoyed spending time with their peers from the Hermann Gmeiner SOS Social Centre in Sarajevo. Together they participated in one great workshop and various games that were held outdoor. The event began with singing and dancing and continued with playing social games: games on the pavement, soccer, table tennis, climbing and billiards. 

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Stand your ground, but respect others' as well. Love differences, create options. Look for solutions to appease multiple requests, search for compromise. 

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All the thesis were discussed at the workshop entitled Solving Conflicts Peacefully that was held at the Institute's Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. The employees of Sarajevo Canton Disciplinary Centre participated at the workshop. 

Workshop manager, MA Prof. Selma RedĹľo introduced the employees of the CS Disciplinary Centre, through working in groups, simulations, and different tests with  an array of terms that are significant for the topic, such as communication, active listening, types of conflict, conflicts, tolerance, compromise, understanding, respecting differences and many others. 

Canton Sarajevo Disciplinary Centre and the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA founded by the Institute for Youth Development KULT have established a long-term cooperation through workshops on preventing youth deliquency. 

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Representative of Sarajevo Film Festival Aida Ĺ ehi? is the guest of the "Coffee Time with..." session at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, founded by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. On Tuesday, 16 June 2015, there will be discussions at SPAJALICA about volunteering at the annual SFF, but also about the advantages of volunteering in general. 


Sarajevo Film Festival is the greatest film festival in the region of South-Eastern Europe that gathers film professionals from all over the world. Angelina Jolie, Bono Vox, Brad Pitt, Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, Kevin Spacey are only some of the world-known actors that have visited our city during the previous years. 

Sarajevo Film Festival has opened its doors to enthusiastic youth willing to work as volunteers for the requirements of the programme. Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to become a part of this cultural event that, besides access to a certain number of film projections, provides the volunteers an opportunity to acquire practical experience in organising events in a professional surrounding. 

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More information on how to become a volunteer at the Sarajevo film Festival and what a volunteer is expected to do will be disclosed on Tuesday, 16 June 2015 at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA in IlidĹľa (Banjska ul. 2). 


"Volunteering at the Sarajevo Film Festival is the best part of the year for me. If I have to, I even miss travelling to the seaside. My summer is reserved for SFF." This is how twenty-year-old NedĹľad, who has been volunteering at the Sarajevo Film Festival begins his story. He continues to talk about people who he has met through volunteering and the experiences that are, he states, the most valuable item of each year.


Volunteering, options and experiences provided by volunteering at the greatest regional film festival – Sarajevo Film Festival, were the topics discussed at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. The guests of the "Coffee Time with…" session were Aida Šehi?, volunteer coordinator at SFF and Nedžad and Dijana, the volunteers. Aida Šehi? discussed the options provided by volunteering to a youth, but also what is expected from volunteers. "Volunteers of Sarajevo Film Festival have to be young dedicated people who wish, first and foremost, to learn something, but also to have fun. The volunteers have to be adults and speak English or some other foreign language" – explained Aida Šehi?. She adds that Sarajevo Film Festival volunteers are expected to be punctual and responsible in fulfilling their tasks. SPAJALICA guests, many of whom have been volunteering for the Institute for Youth Development KULT were interested in how they could apply but also what other advantages they can expect as volunteers of the Festival. "Travelling to Novi Sad and volunteering at the Exit Festival, with all expenses covered, is one of the greatest advantages" – emphasized Aida Šehi?. She adds that volunteers can attend film projections, but also acquire tickets for some of SFF parties.


Experiences of SFF volunteers thrilled the visitors. Their dedication and willingness to volunteer, not just at the Sarajevo Film Festival, but also in general, encouraged youth to thinking. Statistics state that over 20% of Europeans over 15 are involved in volunteering. Our country, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the rank. Still, experiences shared by youth volunteers of Sarajevo Film Festival and the Institute for Youth Development KULT are evidence that the statistics might change. The Law on Volunteering in FBiH was adopted in 2013 and the adoption was initiated by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 



Girls of Princess Krofne children's choir opened the 10th jubilee IlidĹľa Municipality Youth Day with their song.

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Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, established by the Institute for Youth Development KULT is echoing today with sounds of children's laughter and play. The youngsters are enjoying various activities. They participated in numerous sports activities through Games without Borders, a smiling clown is entertaining them with baloon animals and the youngest, attendees of the School of Friendship, enjoy in drawing and games for children. 

"We are happy that SPAJALICA is a gathering site for children and youth of IlidĹľa Municipality, but also from all of Sarajevo. Volunteers of the Institute for Youth Developemnt KULT really made an effort to keep this day in youth memory for a very long time. Smiling faces of attendees are the best confirmation that their mission was successful" - stated Abela Purivatra, PR Associate of the Institute for Youth Development KULT. 

Emina Jusupovi?, a volunteer of the Institute for Youth Development KULT is announcing plenty of more fun. "There will be a soccer tournament in the afternoon, and tonight we will enjoy in a DJ party" - she adds.  

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Youth Day included the children's programme and the NGO Fair but also the youth soccer tournament. The entire manifestation is being organised by the volunteers of the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support from IlidĹľa Municipality.   

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