On Working With Youth – New Age Challenges conference, held from March 27 – 29 on Ilidža, youth officers from the entire BiH have been introduced to activities and the project.

Officers were informed on planned negotiation campaign with institutions in charge with the objective of recognizing and systemizing non-formal education as a form of active youth participation. UMiD Alumni was also presented and its students, a „source of bright ideas“and a driving force of bh. society.

UMiD Generation 9 applications start on April 6th, when a public call and an application will be available on mladi.org.


Dear UMiD attendants, we hereby announce the schedule for the next workshop entitled Communication as a Form of Peace Initiatives. On 31 October at 4 PM an exam will be held for those who gathered enough points in their Volunteering Diary (VD) (check in your VD at the beginning how many points you need to take the semi-annual examination). those who wish to attend the exam, please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Communication and public relations are very important for the future work of youth leaders. It is precisely why this was the subject of Module 3 of training. The trainees were instructed on how to write a letter to the media, a public announcement and how to achieve good cooperation with the media.  


Youth leaders today had a reception with the Vice Mayor of Sarajevo, Miroslav Živanovi?, who participated in the UMiD training as a lecturer in the fourth workshop on the topic of Human Rights before he was elected. Youth leaders congratulated their former lecturer on his election and introduced him with the newest activities. Young representatives of KULT thanked Mr Živanovi? for the warm welcome and promised support in their future activities.


Public advocacy aims to change the society and positions of power, to change the mentality, or the manner of thinking. Advocacy is a tool we use to influence people, change their views of certain situations and create mutual understanding. It also provides the opportunity for alternatives and reaches much further than the limited interests of individuals or groups.

Public advocacy is the topic of the next module and will be held on 12-13 December.


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