Dialogue Between Youth and Diplomatic Representatives of the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium

The first Youth Dialogue with diplomatic representatives of the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland was held in Banja Luka. Young participants met with the Dutch Ambassador in BiH Jan Waltmans, Head of the Diplomatic Bureau of the Kingdom of Belgium Benjamin Sturtewagen, and the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to BiH Daniel Hunn.

This event was an opportunity for young people to talk to diplomats about the problems they face in Banja Luka.  The focus was particularly on corruption and its impact on youth, employment, and youth participation in decision making. The participants also discussed other important topics relevant to youth in Banja Luka and other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The young people in attendance appreciated the opportunity to talk to diplomatic representatives about their problems and share ideas for improving young people’s position in the country.  Ambassadors of the Netherlands and Switzerland and the Head of the Diplomatic Bureau of the Kingdom of Belgium underscored the importance of engaging young people in a dialogue on issues the embassies are targeting in their efforts to improve the lives of youth in BiH. In communication with representatives of the BiH authorities, the embassies of these countries continuously emphasize the need to develop policies that will improve the quality of life for young people and encourage them to stay in BiH.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the organization and implementation of the Dialogue, reinforcing our belief that events such as this one can result in more opportunities for youth in BiH.

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