Privacy Policy

By using our services, you entrust us with your data, thereby placing a significant responsibility on us. We work hard to protect your data and provide you with control over it.

Our privacy policy explains what data we collect and why, as well as how you can update, manage, export, and delete it. For more information about the Institute’s work, return to the homepage or visit one of the following links:

  1. Mental arithmetic and NLP Brainobrain
  2. Human Rights Support Program USAID/INSPIRE

The various services provided by the Institute to its partners (civil society organizations, local government units, donors), and training users involve different ways in which we collect your data.

For example, you may register on our online platform APPLY if you wish to apply for Institute grants, assess and develop organizational capacities and performances, or recommend a project proposal. For more information about their privacy policies, please visit this link.

Many necessary documents in the project cycle need to be submitted to us through other online tools (Smartsheet, email, etc.). For their privacy policies, please visit their official websites.

If you have any questions regarding these privacy policies, you can always contact us via email.

Data Collected by the Institute

We collect data to improve our services to our users. The data the Institute collects and how it uses it depends on your use of our online tools.

Registration on the online platform APPLY

When you create your account on the online platform APPLY, you provide us with personal data about yourself and your organization, including your name and contact information. You can also add other documents and information to your account that are optional or required as part of one or more programs you will use within APPLY.

Data we collect when you use our services

We collect data about your interaction with our services, including activity in online tools, the date, time, and registered accounts that have used the service. We collect this data when, for example, you log into your account on the online platform APPLY, fill out a form, or send us an email with inquiries, updates, or comments. This includes content such as emails you write and receive, photos and videos you save, documents and spreadsheets you create, and comments you post.

If you use our services to apply for grants facilitated by the Institute, the collected data is also shared with donors who have provided funds for which you are applying. Documents you attach to your application for donors to review are only shown to them upon their specific request. In all other cases, the data we share with them is in the form of periodic or final project implementation reports.


In some cases, the Institute may collect data about you from publicly available sources. For example, if your name appears in the media in connection with project implementation or for the purpose of assessing and strengthening organizational capacities and performances, we may share the same content on our social media or mention it in an appropriate report to you or donors. We may also collect data about you from reliable partners, including marketing partners who provide us with data about potential users of our services.

Why the Institute collects data

As mentioned earlier, we primarily collect data to develop better services and for reporting to donors.

We use your data to provide you with our services, such as processing your grant applications and showing you the results of those applications, or assessing your capacities and performances and helping you improve them.

We also use your data to ensure the proper functioning of our services, such as monitoring downtime or resolving issues you report to us. We use your data to improve our services, for example, by tracking and analyzing data about your visits to our websites and how long it takes you to complete certain steps.

The data we collect on existing services helps us develop new ones. We will contact you when we notice that one of our new services matches your profile, but you can opt out of such messages at any time.

We also use data for analytical and measurement purposes to understand different ways and uses of our services. For product design optimization, for example, we may track and analyze data about your visits to our websites and how long it takes you to complete certain steps.

We use collected data such as email addresses for direct communication with you. If you contact the Institute, we record a log of your request for easier resolution of your issues.

We use data to enhance the security and reliability of our services, including detecting, preventing, and taking action against fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that may harm the Institute, our users, or the public.

Before using data for purposes not listed in these privacy policies, we will seek your consent.

Data Management and Viewing and Updating Data

When logged in, you can always view and update your data by visiting the services you use. For example, if you are a civil society organization, when registering within APPLY, we ask you to complete an Eligibility form that represents your profile with the most complete and up-to-date information relevant to the Institute’s work. If any of the data listed there that you provided to us changes or is no longer valid, you can easily supplement and change it with a few clicks and answers.

Export, Removal, and Deletion of Data

You can request a copy of the content from your APPLY account to back it up securely. You can also request the removal of content from the Institute’s online platform APPLY based on applicable laws. To delete your data, you can access your account within APPLY and click on the appropriate button under the Privacy option.

The Institute exports your data as needed and presents it in the form of reports to our donors for their records and processing purposes to better prepare for future grant allocation programs and training. We may share our users’ personal data outside the Institute if we believe in good faith that access to and use of that data, as well as its storage or disclosure, are reasonably justified for:

  • implementation of applicable regulations, in legal proceedings, or upon a valid government request;
  • detecting, preventing, or resolving fraud and security or technical issues;
  • protection against violations of the Institute’s rights, property, or safety, as required or permitted by law.

Data that does not identify individuals may be shared publicly and with our partners, such as publishers, advertisers, or developers. For example, we share data publicly to show trends in the general use of our services and in civil society in general.

Protection and Retention of Your Data

All Institute tools are developed with strong security features that permanently protect your data. If we discover anything suspicious that we believe requires your attention, we will notify you and provide detailed instructions on how to better protect yourself.

The retention period of the data we collect may vary depending on the program for which it was collected but cannot be less than seven (7) years. You can delete some data anytime in your user accounts, but data collected and submitted to our partners in designated reports remain in the Institute’s archive (sometimes in physical copies) until the specified date. Other data is automatically deleted after a certain period or when you delete your account.

When these policies apply

These privacy policies apply to all services provided by the Institute through its grant management tools and organizational capacity and performance assessment tools. They do not apply to Institute services with separate privacy policies not covered by these policies.

We occasionally change these privacy policies. User rights arising from these privacy policies will not be reduced without the explicit consent of the user.