Job searching


During the workshops, young people get the opportunity to learn what job searching, writing resumes, cover letters, successful interviews are.


The target group comprises young people, 15 to 30 years of age, who consider unemployment to be the greatest problem in today’s society. Job searching is a very important part of the whole process of providing non-formal education to young people.


Due to its convenience, job searching, on the one hand, is essential to every young person who has no work experience, and, on the other hand, it enables young people to get acquainted with all important things they need to become more competitive on the labour market. Many young people do not have work experience, thus they need a better understanding of how to best present themselves to an employer and what to emphasise as their advantages. The aim of the training course is to train the participants to independently write their resume and cover letter, and fill out an application form, in other words everything a potential employer could ask for. One part of the workshop trains young people to get ready for their first job interview.


The educational topics are:
1. job searching (the meaning of active and passive job searching, how to fill out an employment plan, deadline for registering with the employment office, how to write a circular letter, how to make a personal SWOT analysis),
2. how to write a resume and a cover letter (the participants learn how to properly fill out the Europass CV form which represents a standardised CV template),
3. how to get ready for a job interview (all kinds of possible interviews, how to physically present themselves to an employer, possible questions that an employer might ask them and the questions they can ask during a job interview).


The Unit objectives are:
1. introduce young people to the concept of active job searching,
2. teach young people to write a resume, a CV and a cover letter,
3. young people have the skills and knowledge to get ready for and successfully attend an interview with an employer,
4. prompt young people to seek a job.


Young people who undertake the workshops on Job searching write their own CV and cover letter in a much faster and easier way. The workshops enable them to realise what the best ways of presenting themselves to a potential employer would be. Owing to the workshop, they become more aware of the labour market advantages and disadvantages, and quickly find their way into a job in accordance with their preferences.


The methodology incorporates group work performed in smaller or larger groups, plenary discussions, audiovisual presentations, simulations of real-life situations, and various creative workshops that promote an active acquisition of knowledge. It is particularly important to point out that during the workshop, the participants have the opportunity to take part in a simulation of an interview, whereby they can learn to better present themselves in front of an employer. The role of employers is assumed by people who, in their real lives, work in Human Resource Departments.


Young people have to write their own CV and cover/motivation letter after which the trainer provides the corresponding comments.


The training course is focused on an individual. This Unit provides the participants with the skills they need in their private lives, and endows them with the feeling that it is necessary to nourish their own personal advancement and career apart from their engagement in the social sphere. Upon finding their way into a job, young people have more opportunities and motivation for social engagement.


2 days, 9 hours, 6 units (1.5 hours each)



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