Public relations


During the training course on Public relations, young people get introduced to the concept, definition, role and the importance of the topic. They are provided with the necessary knowledge, tools, concrete examples, tips and recommendations for which path to follow, and how to establish the desired cooperation with the public and, primarily, with the media representatives.


The target group comprises young people, 15 to 30 years of age, who often find themselves in situations that require a relationship with the public, however, due to the lack of the necessary knowledge and experience, they often inappropriately present their efforts.


We are all well familiar with the fact that the media exert a too great influence over our lives, which “creates” our image in public, contributes to our image development and promotes our work. But also, the media can be a force inclined to diminish our work, give it a negative or a totally opposite meaning from the right one and, thereby, cause immeasurable damage to everything we do, our efforts and dedication. Young people learn how to write a concise and quality official letter that will be used by all media representatives, how to overcome fear and uncertainty during public appearances, how to be best represented and presented in the media, what to highlight during public appearances, how to be appealing to the media and the public.


During the workshop, young people are given the opportunity to acquire particular knowledge and skills, upon being guided through the following stages:
1. introduction to public relations,
2. differences between public relations and lobbying, marketing, advertising,
3. audiences and messages,
4. media relations.


The Unit objectives are:
1. ensure information and experience about the importance of public relations for the recognition of youth work in the community,
2. present the basic elements of lobbying, marketing and advertising, so that young people could realise the differences between these concepts,
3. allow young people to experience the process of creating messages for one of the target audiences in the community,
4. present the basics of media relations, methods, features,
5. provide advice about and recommendations for how to approach the media.


Young people who successfully undertake the workshop on Public relations gain the knowledge about creating messages, and by providing the necessary information they enable an adequate representation of youth in campaigns, advertisements and upon informing the community through public relations activities. They will also be ready to distribute their messages through the media by using the knowledge about making statements, giving interviews and presentations at press conferences.


The methodology incorporates group work performed in smaller or larger groups, plenary discussions, audiovisual presentations, simulations of real-life situations, and various creative workshops that promote an active acquisition of knowledge. During one of the workshops, the participants get the opportunity to organise a press conference at which they have to present the results accomplished by their respective organisation.


Young people have to write a press release about the event organised in their local community.



2 days, 9 hours, 6 units (1.5 hours each)



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