Civic activism and volunteering


The training course on Civic activism and volunteering aims to familiarise young people with what volunteering, civil society and youth activism are, thus animate them to get actively engaged in social processes taking place in their community and even beyond. The participants get trained to prompt their peers to pursue nonformal education concerning those topics that will enable them to become active participants in the political decision-making process. During the training course, they learn about personal and social benefits resulting from volunteering and their involvement in the youth sector.


The target group comprises young people, 15 to 30 years of age, who do not recognise civic activism and volunteering as a way of acquiring new knowledge and various skills, by means of which they can find their way into a job, become active in the social sphere, and contribute to the local community and even beyond.


This Unit, on the one hand, is an introductory and animating model for experienced young people, but even for those who lack for such experience, and, on the other hand, it grasps the inner significance of the need for volunteering and youth activism. Without this base, it is impossible to fully understand the concepts of civil society and youth participation in the political decision-making process.


The training course introduces young people to the concepts of voluntary work and civil society; it addresses the topic of civic education and the final subject matter that is discussed is youth activism. During the workshops, young people are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge through the following stages:
1. what volunteering is and why we volunteer,
2. volunteering in my country and around the world,
3. what the term “civil society” means,
4. my place in the society,
5. my influence on changes taking place in the society,
6. youth in action,
7. youth activism.


The Unit objectives are:
1. introduce young people to the concepts of volunteering, civil society and youth activism,
2. outline the benefits of voluntary and social engagement,
3. prompt young people to volunteer and become socially active through their involvement in decision-making processes.


Interactive workshops enable young people to realise the importance of volunteering, learn valuable information on volunteer engagement in BiH and Europe, and to understand the significance of civic education within youth activism. Numerous practical exercises and familiar examples, including theoretical insights, facilitate young people, who undertake the workshop on Civic activism and volunteering, to lay the foundations for extending their education, as well as for their engagement in the community.


The methodology incorporates group work performed in smaller or larger groups, plenary discussions, audiovisual presentations, simulations of real-life situations, and various creative workshops that contribute to an active acquisition of knowledge. During this workshop, young people, for example, get a task to go to the streets and survey people in the local community, in order to get information on the number of persons who are volunteering or have volunteered.


Young people have to recognise the problems in their communities by conducting a small-scale survey on their peers.


The training course has been designed primarily for young people who have so far been passive or who have not had the opportunity to join the efforts pursued by an organisation.


2 days, 9 hours, 6 units (1.5 hours each)



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