Grant management at the Institute for Youth Development KULT encompasses the processes of planning, awarding, monitoring, and evaluating financial resources that we allocate to other civil society organizations, local government units, and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the implementation of community-focused projects. This process includes establishing criteria for grant allocation, selecting recipients, contracting, providing support during project implementation, and monitoring progress in achieving planned goals. It also involves reporting and evaluation processes to ensure that funds are used efficiently and effectively in line with established objectives.


Our partners who receive grants can expect various types of support depending on the goals of the grant program and the type of projects they wish to implement. This support may include:
  1. Financial assistance for project costs (such as employee salaries, equipment purchases or rental of workspace, travel and communication expenses, and costs for promoting and disseminating project results).
  2. Expert assistance in project development, including advice on project design, project management, reporting, and project evaluation.
  3. Opportunities to create networks and establish cooperation with other civil society organizations, as well as establish contacts with donors and other partners.


SurveyMonkey APPLY is a grant management software platform that helps organizations and individuals streamline the grant application process, evaluate and select the best projects, monitor and report on project progress and other funding programs. The platform supports application, evaluation, and grant administration processes, allowing organizations and individuals to efficiently manage grants and reduce the cost and time required for manual administration.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has been using this platform for all grants it has awarded since 2021, and more information can be found at the link: https://kult.smapply.io/ 


The Institute’s Grant Management Department plays an important role in establishing and maintaining communication with partners who have been awarded grants from the Institute. As part of the two-way communication with partners, the department regularly informs them about project progress, deadlines, planned activities, as well as all administrative and financial matters (in collaboration with the Finance and MEL departments).

The Institute provides the necessary technical assistance in preparing financial and narrative reports or resolving issues related to administration. Additionally, the Institute ensures that there is adequate monitoring and evaluation of projects to ensure that project goals are being achieved and that funds are being used in the best possible way and in accordance with the Institute’s protocols, rules, and applicable legislation.

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