Institute Supports Two More Youth Initiatives

Today at the Institute, we signed grant agreements providing 15,000 BAM for two initiatives designed by young people. The agreements were signed with the European Geography Association for students and young geographers from Sarajevo and the Center for education and research “NAHLA”, Bihać branch.

The European Geography Association for students and young geographers will implement their initiative “Air Quality Measurement Stations for Schools”, intended for primary school students in Sarajevo Canton, who will be taking part in a workshop on putting together an air quality monitoring device. One class from each of the 8 selected schools will attend lectures on environmental protection, air pollution, our impact on the environment and ways to measure air quality. After completing the theoretical part, the students will make their own small air quality measuring stations to be installed in their schools. This means that students will be able to monitor the air quality in their school and act accordingly. 

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– My idea is to prove that having a significant number of small air quality measurement stations in homes will allow us to monitor air pollution and obtain relevant data, thanks to the number of stations. The fact that Sarajevo has only 3 professional measurement stations is deplorable because we need reliable information about air pollution before we take steps to address the causes. This will allow everyone else to build their own stations too, so we can pool our information and fight together for cleaner air. Air quality information provided by the measuring stations will be available through the CityOs app, said Adi Operta, President of this association.

Young people from Bihać will implement an initiative they called “WeUSK”, and are hoping to grow it into a traditional program in the Una-Sana Canton. They will bring together young enthusiasts and activists in different fields and teach them how to take their first steps towards local activism and socially beneficial work. Young participants who show a particular interest or talent in a specific area will be encouraged and supported in their efforts to further develop their skills. This year, the program will include two modules and volunteer work. After that, young people will meet to plan the initiative they intend to implement next year.

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The funds for these initiatives are provided through the Urgent Fund, used by the Institute to support current or new initiatives launched by young people across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Urgent Fund was developed with the support of the Swedish Embassy in BiH.

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