During the workshop on Self-empowerment young people get the opportunity to learn what personal growth and development is, and acquire presentation skills.


The target group comprises young people, 15 to 30 years of age, who learn about personal growth and development as a category that requires a study and a discussion. Many people do not become familiar with what self-empowerment is, and in what way it can help us in everyday situations.


While growing up, young people often face real, everyday life difficulties. The task assigned to them by the society often entails the pursuit of positive ways to overcome their daily problems and to thereby grow up into socially useful individuals. Personal growth and development is a topic that involves strengthening and raising awareness of an individual’s capacities and resources, self-exploring and examining the paths of one’s own being aimed at improving and enhancing the quality of living. Communication, by its very nature and purpose, is a tool that people use to convey some of their attitudes and beliefs, establish a relationship with other people, meet some of their needs and interests, etc. People communicate in different ways whereby they have various goals on their minds. When we want to present ourselves and our ideas in the best possible way, accomplish a specific goal, presentation skills are indispensable.


The key training course topics are as follows:
1. communication with people from my own environment (assertiveness and sending I-messages),
2. emotions,
3. my identity and the meaning of my life,
4. successful presentation features,
5. making a presentation,
6. structure of a presentation,
7. non-verbal communication.


The Unit objectives are:
1. emphasise a positive attitude towards life,
2. develop the ways of coping with difficulties,
3. invoke curiosity and constant encouragement, and discover new creative strengths of an individual,
4. explore ourselves and others in an experiential and creative way.


Young people who have attended the workshops on Self-empowerment are willing to work towards overcoming the problems they often face, while their communication skills are simultaneously being improved. Young people recognise the importance of communication in everyday life in a way that they represent themselves, their goals and plans, and apart from this, they make an impression on people surrounding them.


The methodology incorporates group work performed in smaller or larger groups, plenary discussions, audiovisual presentations, simulations of real-life situations, and various creative workshops that promote an active acquisition of knowledge. One of the methods is the usage of a projective technique, whereby a variety of photos is presented to the participants so that they can pick one which impresses them the most, and by means of which they have to express their fears, concerns, attitudes towards specific topics, and the like.


The participants have to analyse their own personality and set their own personal goals.


Even though the Unit is dedicated to an individual, and not to the community, it is extremely important for young people to become aware of themselves and their potential to become more confident while communicating with passive young people, but also with decision makers. The training course will help them to consider their real opportunities and preferences.


2 days, 9 hours, 6 units (1.5 hours each)



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