KULT Invested Over 3 Million BAM in Youth Initiatives

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has spent the last 18 years working to improve the lives of young people. We cooperated with the government on youth issues, advocated for the adoption of new laws and implementation of existing laws, educated young people and supported their activism in the local community. Ove the past 15 year, the Institute provided over 3 million BAM for local civil initiatives led by youth all across Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can learn more about some of the initiatives in the video above.

Thanks to this support, hundreds of young people developed skills they need to be more competitive on the labor market, launched dozens of socially responsible initiatives that their fellow citizens benefit from. They cleaned spaces educated thousands of their peers about environmental issues and encouraged them to join efforts to protect the environment. They made sure that youth policies are implemented in their communities, that young people have spaces dedicated to them and that they can network with other young people from across BiH, Europe and the world. They supported people with developmental disabilities and other minorities and encouraged others to live free of prejudice and discrimination. Tens of thousands of hours they spent volunteering are priceless and can’t be measured in money.
“We often hear the adage “young people are our future”. But we believe that they’re also our past and present. We were all young once, and had needs and aspirations that not everyone understood. This is true today as well. We often don’t understand young people so we don’t trust them or support them the way we should. Here at the Institute we’re trying to change this paradigm and give young people the support they need to develop into healthy individuals who contribute to the society”, said Aldin Alić, PR of the Institute, adding that young people are needed in every sector because of their creativity, computer skills and fast problem solving.
In addition to supporting youth initiatives, the Institute supports young entrepreneurs, organizations working with youth, other vulnerable groups and institutions. More than 6 million BAM was invested in these efforts over the past 5 years.
The Institute is dedicated to being the best friend we can be to young people in BiH. You can keep up with the opportunities we offer on out social network accounts and the www.mladi.org website.

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