Speak Up Against Corruption!

The trend of young people leaving BiH continues unabated. Day after day, we are witnessing our educated workforce leaving to build a better life elsewhere.

Young people have a variety of different reasons for leaving, and the survey on the position and needs of youth in BiH conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT showed that corruption is one of the most commonly cited reasons. Ranked as the 4th biggest problem youth face, corruption is obviously casting a dark shadow over their everyday lives.

Corruption permeates all aspects of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially employment. Almost 90 percent of young people believe that resorting to bribery to get a job in public administration is a common practice in BiH, with almost 60% stating that bribery is used in most cases and 30% stating that this does happen, but not frequently.


More than 55% of young people said that someone they know paid a bribe in exchange for employment and 5% of them witnessed this personally.

This alarming data should be a call to action for all government institutions, organizations, and the society at large. Improved implementation of the rule of law, transparent rules and procedures and reporting and prosecuting all harmful, corruptive activities all contribute to rooting out corruption and improving the BiH society.

Since September 2021, the Institute for Youth Development KULT has been implementing the initiative Say NO to Corruption in Sarajevo Canton in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of Sarajevo Canton. Together with our partner, we are analyzing measures intended to prevent conflicts of interest in public institutions in Sarajevo Canton and intend to advocate for the adoption of a conflict of interest management policy for public institutions in the Sarajevo Canton.

The Institute has also launched a public campaign to inform citizens, especially young people, about how pervasive corruption is in our daily lives. During our campaign, we will film and broadcast four TV segments that will draw public attention to the harmful impact of corruption on our lives, examine citizens’ and young people’s perceptions of corruption, and provide some crucial information about fighting corruption by reporting it.

Like the title says, we can fight corruption by speaking out against it.   If you have witnessed corruption or have information about corruptive activities, report them anonymously by clicking HERE.

This initiative is implemented with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands.

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