Institute Presents Results of Survey on Position and Needs of Youth in Brčko District of BiH: One in Two Young People Would Start Their Own Business

The Institute for Youth Development KULT presented a survey on the problems and needs of young people in the Brčko District of BiH at an event hosted by the Commission for Youth of Brčko District of BiH in cooperation with the Administrative Department and the Youth Council of BD, with the support of the OSCE Mission.

According to the survey, youth in Brčko have very similar, nearly identical problems as youth in other communities.
Around 62% of men and 50% of women would start their own business. Around 8% of youth are currently working on launching their own business, and 5% already launched their own business. Still, the majority would like to start a business but are unable to.
Youth have the least faith in political parties. More than 91% of young people distrust political parties, to varying extents. Youth also don’t trust the government at entity or state levels. According to young people, the priorities of the BiH government for the next 5 years should be employment, education, healthcare and security. Issues specific to ethnic and national groups, international cooperation and transportation infrastructure are the least important for youth. What’s important for them are unemployment, the labor market, economy and issues related to finances. Youth are also concerned about the emigration rate, corruption, crime, nationalism and the state of healthcare and education.
When it comes to leaving BiH, youth are generally motivated by the situation in BiH, rather than benefits abroad, i.e. they would leave because they are not satisfied with their lives and prospects in BiH, and not primarily because a foreign country is attractive to them. Around 63% of young people are considering leaving the country permanently.

Today’s public presentation is only one of the steps in developing a Draft Youth Strategy for Brčko District. Youth Council of Brčko District, the relevant Administrative Department and the Institute for Youth Development KULT are planning to hold working group meetings, set priorities and design measures for the 2021-2025 youth strategy.

Article 17 of the Youth Law of Brčko District stipulates that care for youth is of general interest in the Brčko District.
Youth care comprises:

a) regulating and creating the necessary conditions for youth organizing;

b) adopting and implementing a youth strategy.

According to the law, a youth strategy is a document detailing a program approach to youth including defining their problems and needs, providing a strategic plan of action, goals and measures for reaching those goals. A youth strategy is based on a survey about young people’s needs and problems.

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