ROUTE WB6 Volunteers Help With 16th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival on Solidarity

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival is another partner of the  Institute for Youth Development KULT in the implementation of the cross-border volunteer exchange program ROUTE WB6 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the 16th  Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, a group of ten young volunteers from the Western Balkans stayed in Sarajevo to take part in organizing the festival’s many events such as screenings, discussions, and interactive workshops with authors and directors of documentaries on human rights.

In addition to helping with organizing festival activities, young volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in intercultural workshops and learn about the culture and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes their volunteer experience all the richer.

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Ten ROUTE WB6  volunteers took part in an intercultural workshop on solidarity, held at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday, December 2, 2021.  Nicolas Moll, historian and trainer on intercultural cooperation, dealing with the past and civil society development was particularly important in delivering this workshop.

After an introduction, the volunteers visited the exhibition “Wake up, Europe! “Mobilizing support and solidarity for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens during the 1992-1995 war”, focused on the support of numerous organizations in Europe to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1992-1995 war. The goal of the exhibition is to encourage us to contemplate: What do we mean by ‘solidarity’?

After the exhibition, the young volunteers discussed their perceptions of solidarity with others. ROUTE WB6  volunteers agreed that solidarity does not necessarily mean help and compassion for others only during natural disasters, war conflicts, pandemics, but day-to-day compassion and help in the form of volunteering in their local community, or beyond that.

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ROUTE WB6 is a regional project involving six Western Balkan countries that promotes long-term and short-term cross-border volunteering as a tool for overcoming social and ethnic divisions among young people in the region and encouraging them to adopt European social values that contribute to reconciliation, stability and prosperity in Western Balkan countries.

The overall objective of ROUTE WB6 project is to make young people from WB region drivers of reconciliation and societal reconstruction, enabling them to apply European values, initiate and lead intercultural dialogue and regional cooperation towards socio-economic and democratic development.

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