Successful orange collaboration – Strong message sent to young people through photos, film, and a panel discussion

The collaboration between the Institute for Youth Development KULT and Gimnazija Dobrinja resulted in interesting activities as part of the #OrangeDay commemoration today. For almost a decade, the Institute for Youth Development KULT has been observing Orange Day on the 25th of every month, a day to fight violence against women and girls, with the aim of sending messages of support to the victims and raising awareness about gender equality.

Under the mentorship of professor Aida Hasović, students from Gimnazija Dobrinja created and shared photos dedicated to Orange Day on social media yesterday. In a creative way, the students decided to draw the attention of their peers to this widespread issue, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also worldwide. Today, in the school premises, a short video on cyberbullying was shown, followed by the film “Voiceless”, and a panel discussion was held.

One of the panelists was Zorana Tovilović from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. Zorana told the young people more about the importance and commemoration of Orange Day at the Institute, and informed those present about how they can get involved in the activities organized by the Institute every month.

“Violence is not an individual problem but affects the entire society. It is important to know that the perpetrator is solely responsible for the violence and that the victim is never at fault. Help exists, the system exists, but in order for it to react, it is necessary to report violence,” said panel participant Munevera Hodžić – Lemeš, manager of the Safe House in Sarajevo.

“The Local Democracy Fund also has a Women’s Center, so a person can receive support, even for starting their own business. It is important to dare to report violence and encourage the person experiencing violence to report it because there is indeed a way out,” added Jasmina Buljić, a psychologist at the Safe House.

After the panel, the young people had several questions for the panelists and agreed that violence is not and should not be a private matter and should not go unpunished.

We thank Gimnazija Dobrinja for the successful collaboration, recognizing the importance of this topic, and look forward to future partnerships!

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