OC Zdravo da ste Welcomes ROUTE WB6 Volunteers

After Sarajevo, Banja Luka is the next city to welcome ROUTE WB6 volunteers. By signing a cooperation agreement with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, the Association Zdravo da ste became a volunteering organizer participating in the testing of the MAXI pilot scheme of the regional volunteer exchange program ROUTE WB6 in BiH.

The Association Zdravo da ste is comprised of a group of professionals, volunteers and dedicated individuals who offer developmental support to vulnerable groups. The association manages the Youth Center in Banja Luka, which is specific because of their “open youth club”.

Through their youth center, Zdravo da ste supports the development and social integration of children and youth (especially those with developmental problems) and vulnerable young people. The center facilitates the free flow of information among young people, and offers opportunities for youth to spend their free time in a structured and organized way, which will allow ROUTE WB6 volunteers to plan and perform their tasks all while improving their communication and social skills. Throughout the year, Zdravo da ste organizes tournaments, field trips, camps, and other activities that enrich life in the local community, which means that ROUTE WB6 volunteers can interact with the local community by taking part in these events.

Two young and motivated volunteers from Albania arrived in Banja Luka yesterday and will spend the next 2 months in this city on the river Vrbas. ROUTE WB6 is the first cross-border volunteer experience for Kevi and Egi, who are excited and looking forwards to the adventure ahead of them.

The ROUTE WB6 volunteering program uses cross-border volunteering as a mechanism for overcoming social and ethnic barriers among young people in the region, and strengthening European social values that foster reconciliation, stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

ROUTE WB6 is the first regional exchange program to involve youth in the design process from the very beginning. It is intended specifically for young people and offers the following three options: ROUTE MINI, ROUTE MIDI and ROUTE MAXI

ROUTE MINI offers youth the opportunity to volunteer at regional festivals and sporting events, for up to seven days. In ROUTE MIDI, volunteers will participate in community volunteer activities for up to two weeks, e.g. volunteer camps. ROUTE MAXI is an opportunity for young people to spend up to two months volunteering in some of the most prominent civil society organizations in the region.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is part of a consortium led by the RYCO Regional Youth Cooperation Office in cooperation with organizations from the Western Balkans. The project is implemented with the support of Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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