ANALYSIS: Almost Half of Organizations in BiH Unaware of Agreement Between BiH Council of Ministers and NGOs in BiH

From December 2020 to February 2021, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of BiH, conducted a survey looking into NGOs’ awareness and use of current mechanisms for cooperation with BiH institutions, and international organizations and the programs they offer.

The survey examined the extent to which NGOs use the available avenues for cooperation with BiH institutions (Cooperation Agreement between the Council of Ministers of BiH and NGOs, web platform eConsultation in the process of programming and implementation of IPA II), what NGOs recognize as key problems in cooperation with BiH institutions and which solutions they propose to improve the existing level of cooperation. An additional goal was to look into the position of NGOs in certain areas.

The result of these efforts is the Analysis of the position of non-governmental organizations and the use of existing mechanisms of cooperation with BiH institutions and international organizations. The Analysis is available for download here. The results and recommendations provided in the Analysis can certainly benefit BiH institutions, non-governmental and international organizations in planning future activities intended to improve their cooperation.

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