FBiH President Marinko Čavara Hosts Meeting With Institute Representatives

The FBiH President Marinko Čavara met today in his Sarajevo office with representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The meeting was attended by the Executive Director of the Institute, Ms. Šeherzada Halimić, and Head of the Department for Youth Work and Youth Policy Development at the Institute, Ms. Katarina Vučković.

The introductory part of the meeting was focused on the Institute’s activities in the field of youth policies. The Institute has spent the past two decades supporting the development and implementation of mechanisms for addressing youth issues and needs across BiH.
“We support all efforts made by youth bodies to exercise their rights and obligations provided to them by the law, which the Institute helped put into place by proposing and later supporting the implementation of the Youth Law of FBiH. This is precisely why we supported the founding of municipal, city and cantonal youth councils, and ultimately the founding of the Youth Council of FBiH”, said Ms. Halimić.
Ms. Vučković particularly emphasized the importance of adopting a Youth Strategy for FBiH.  She also noted that the Institute successfully implemented all of the planned activities for 2020, in compliance with all restrictions and recommendations issued by public health authorities.
The President of FBiH, Marinko Čavara, congratulated the Institute on their successful work, adding that he fully supports the work done by the Institute on creating and implementing youth policies in FBiH and the rest of BiH.

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