Youth should and will raise their voices in the fight for their rights through the activities of Youth Councils/Committees. That is the official message of participants in a unique youth event, Youth Circle. Youth Circle was held today, July 29, 2013 ((hotel Hollywood in IlidĹľa, Dr. Mustafe Pintola 23, 71210 IlidĹľa),  11 am - 1 pm.

The media and the public often portray youth as passive and silent. The Institute for Youth Development KULT, through implementation of programmes and initiatives endeavours to establish sustainable youth structures run by youth.

The goal of the Youth Circle is to point out the importance of the role played by Youth Councils, and the forming of the Youth Council of FBiH. By defining institutional care for youth the government has opened the door to youth activism. Young people are given a chance to become active, involved in decision-making processes and participate in planning and implementing youth activities. It is precisely the representation of youth voices in decision-making processes and cooperation with the government sector in order to improve the position of youth, that  constitutes one of the most important tasks of Youth Councils.

Statement by all Youth Council representatives:

„Youth Councils or Youth Committees are umbrella organisations based on voluntary membership of youth organisations. We are legitimate representatives of approximately 750 000 young people in BiH, 30 000 are involved in youth activities. We represent youth interests on all levels of government. As such, we advocate for the improvement of the position of youth in BiH. Iti s impermissible to allow youth to leave their local communities without showing any interest in having us stay. We expect the government to find an efficient solution in order to provide us with better education, jobs that should enable us to start families. We expect them to improve our social status and health care. What we need is more practical teaching in schools and universities that would train us to do our jobs. We need more youth spaces where we can show our potential, we need better culture and sports programmes. Emphasis should be put on both financial and non-financial support, i.e. separate budget items for youth. We expect the government to recognise Youth Councils or Youth Committees as partner sin working towards improving the position of youth.“

During the round table, Youth Councils signed a Charter of Friendship and Cooperation, which they themselves initiated.


The media and the public often portray youth as passive and silent. Over 150 youth organisations, with almost 4000 members stand as proof that those days belong in the past, and that youth today can act as equal partners of the government in solving youth issues and improving the position of youth in BiH. There are over 40 active Youth Councils in BiH.

The round table, called Youth Circle to evoke the concept of a circle of intellectuals, will be held July 29, 2013, in hotel Hollywood in IlidĹľa (Dr. Mustafe Pintola 23, 71210 IlidĹľa), 11 am-13 pm.


On July 12, 2013, a Youth Council was established in Posušje, the youngest municipality in BiH with regards to the average age of the population. The Posušje Youth Council consists of the following youth associations: Youth Association Dnevni boravak, Association for the promotion of culture APOLLO, Association for the development and promotion of civil society PRIMUS and Torcida Posušje. Mate Lon?ar was elected president of the Youth Council. Tomislav Bošnjak is the President of the Assembly, Branko Crnogorac is his Deputy, and Mate Kova? is the President of the Supervisory Board.

The aims of the Youth Council are advocating and advancing the interests and welfare of youth, developing a partnership-based local Youth Policy, promoting dialogue, sustainability, transparency, innovation and solidarity. The Youth Council has an obligation to work on increasing the participation of youth in the social life of their communities, and informing them. The Youth Council will be involved in policies which indirectly affect the youth and general progress and welfare, and other issues indirectly related to youth. It will cooperate with the Široki Brijeg Youth Council in establishing councils in Ljubuški and Grude, and establishing the Zapadno-hercegova?ki Canton Youth Council.

The founding assembly was attended by Helena Lon?ar, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Zeni?ko-Dobojski Canton, Branko Bago, the Municipal Mayor of Posušje, Ivan Lon?ar, President of the Municipal Assembly of Posušje, Vedran Maji?, Youth Officer of the Posušje Municipality and Youth Council representatives from Široki Brijeg, Livno, Tomislavgrad and Mostar. Minister Lon?ar praised the establishing of the Youth Council and told youth to persevere in their activities, and not lose sight of the fact that their efforts will not always be acknowledged immediately, but certainly will when the time comes.

The President of the Youth Council in Posušje held a speech in which he pointed out that „A Youth Council should be that one cog in the machine that will start the change towards a better future, since we are well aware of the general instability in our country. Therefore, if we keep up the pace, we can contribute to both the present and the future.“


On April 28, 2013, the Youth Council of the Central Bosnia Canton held their founding session. The cantonal Council is comprised of 9 municipal youth councils from the following municipalities: Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Travnik, Novi Travnik, Vitez, Busova?a, Kiseljak, Kreševo,  Donji Vakuf and Bugojno. During the founding assembly, the Council adopted the Statute and formed their administrative organs. Zoran Trogrli?, representative of the Youch Council Kiseljak, was elected president. Each of the aforementioned councils suggested members for the Administrative Board of the Youth Council. The Assembly decided that members of the administrative board are as follows: 


1.    Adin Pinjo from the Youth Council of the Travnik Municipality, was voted president of the Administrative Board, i.e. president of the Youth Council of the Central Bosnia Canton. 

2.    Mladen Franj?evi? from the Youth Council of the Kreševo municipality,

3.    Kenit ?aki? from the Youth Council of the Novi Travnik municipality,

4.    Branislav Dilber from the Youth Council of the Kiseljak municipality,

5.    Nakib Pi?ar from the Youth Council of the Donji Vakuf municipality, 

6.    Kristina Livan?i? from the Youth Council of the Vitez municipality,

7.    Majda Softi? from the Youth Council of the Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje municipality,

8.    Ana Vidovi? from the Youth Council of the Bugojno municipality,

9.    Dario Plav?i? from the Youth Council of the Busova?a municipality.


By signing the founding documents, 14 non-governmental organisations in Zenica established a Youth Council in the Zenica Municipality.

President of the Youth Council, Ernad Bihorac asserted that the goal of the Council includes improving the quality of life in the community, and in doing so also improving the quality of life for youth in the Zenica Municipality. 

The Youth Council has an obligation to strenghten the inclusion of youth in the social life of the community, informing and educating them and raising their moral consciousness. The Youth Council will be included in the process of making and implementing the youth strategy in the Zenica Municipality. 

Present at the ceremony of signing the founding documents were representatives of the Zenica Municipality, Youth Committee of Zenica Municipality, who fully support the newly-founded council.


The following youth organisations made the decision to establish a Youth Council: „Dogana kulturni centar“, „Odred izvi?a?a Široki Brijeg“,"Demokratska inicijativa mladih“ i „Eko-ZH Široki Brijeg“. Josip Zelenika was elected President of the Youth Council.

The Founding Assembly started with an address by Mayor Miro Kraljevi?, who wished them a successful session and said that the Youth Council has the full support of the Ĺ iroki Brijeg Municipality. The president of the Municipal Assembly, Vinko Topi?, announced the establishing of the Commission for Youth Issues during one of the forthcoming sessions of the Municipal Council. A representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT held the introductory address themed: "Partner in Government".


Monika Buha? Glavaš, Youth Officer of the Široki Brijeg Municipality addressed the youth with the following: "Have high ideals, but only those that ennoble and foster generosity. Do not strive for the unreachable, be humble and brave. Learn from those with integrity, and cultivate it yourself."