Participants of the fifteenth Learn, Think and Act! training for young leaders took the restrictive measures caused by the pandemic in stride and continued to learn together.  

An interactive approach and innovative tools paired with the participants' unwavering focus and willingness to participate in all three days of the module were the perfect combination for learning about public advocacy and lobbying.

Nahla i Zdravo da ste

Today, we held an online contract signing ceremony for grants supporting two more initiatives focused on young people, with 15,000 BAM. The Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the Youth Center “Zdravo da ste” from Banja Luka and Education Center “Nahla” in Tuzla.

IMG 6274

Choosing a university is one of the most important decisions for high school graduates, and it’s made even more difficult if they are forced to apply to just one faculty or department. The Association of High School Students in BiH (ASuBiH) has been implementing their initiative “I kopija vrijedi” (Copies are valid too) since 2015, in an attempt to make this process easier by enabling students to apply to universities with certified copies of documents. The Institute for Youth Development KULT supports this initiative and efforts to ensure that students can submit certified copies for enrollment at universities.


The Institute for Youth Development KULT signed contracts with associations “Menssana” from Sarajevo, “Seize the day - Carpe diem” from Ilijaš and “Green Team” from Novi Grad, providing 20000 BAM of funding for youth initiatives.