UMiDp: Youth From 11 Political Parties Learned About BiH Political System

The Institute for Youth Development KULT developed a special program for young politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina to empower and train youth to step onto the political scene. Two generations of young politicians successfully completed this training. The second module for the third generation was held in Mostar and focused on public advocacy, the BiH political system and creating a political image.

“I particularly liked the experiential learning – we had a chance to talk to young Peter-Josip who was directly involved in fieldwork during the presidential election campaign in Croatia”, said Adisa Ošijan from the party Demokratska fronta (DF – Democratic Front), adding that the biggest benefit of the training were the valuable connections she made with other participants, who she now considers her team and will continue working with.

This module included a visit to the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and talked to the Prime Minister Nevenko Herceg. Young Božidar Novaković from the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) believes these young people will soon take charge in BiH politics. Božidar is optimistic and expects to soon see some of his fellow participants taking on important political roles after this year’s local elections, since a lot of them will be running.

Emir Ćosović particularly liked the segment on public advocacy, which he thinks is crucial for a future in politics. Emir also appreciated the chance to talk to Mario Mikulić and Lana Prlić, who shared their experience from joining a political party to becoming a representative.

This module was attended by a total of 18 participants from 11 political parties. While in Mostar, they visited the social enterprise Lonato Lunchroom, which employs persons with developmental disabilities.

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UMiD for young political leaders (UMiDp) is the Institute’s program for young aspiring political leaders between 18 and 30 years of age, from different political parties and local communities. Young politicians spend 15 days learning skills that help them improve their political impact, especially in terms of youth rights. During the training, the participants learn the necessary theory, which they then put into practice while building a political image that’s different, more innovative, and relatable to their peers.

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