Survey Results – Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth

The Institute for Youth Development KULT and Mozaik Foundation conducted a survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth. 290 young people filled out the survey, and the complete analysis is available here.

Since young people are the main demographic of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Foundation Mozaik, these two organizations decided to look into the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth. We designed a survey seeking insight into how young people are coping with the current situation, how the pandemic affected their employment or education, what concerned them the most, and what can be done to support young people.

The survey was conducted online to abide by recommendations provided by authorities with regards to preventing the spread of the virus. Respondents were aged 15-35, and the survey was conducted from May 13 to May 24, 2020. In order to ensure that respondents are young people, the survey was not share publically on social networks or website, but directly distributed to young people whose contact information the two organizations had in our databases.

We eventually collected 290 responses from young people in various parts of BiH. The majority of the sample are young people who previously took part in one of the programs run by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and/or Mozaik Foundation (56.2%), whereas 43.8% had not participated in any of our programs. It can, therefore, be assumed that the respondents are mostly socially active youth. Women are more represented in the sample than men, so data was not further disaggregated by gender.

Sample structure:

women: 67,2%;

men: 32,4%;

prefer not to answer: 0,3%.

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