Ambassador Nelson Announces New Programs of US Support for BiH

During his visit to the National Library Trebinje, US Ambassador Eric Nelson talked about his visit to Herzegovina and announced new US programs intended to support BiH and its citizens.

“During my visit to Herzegovina I met beneficiaries of programs offered by the United States of America in BiH with our partners, intended to provide employment opportunities. Yesterday I visited Donja Trusina and met a young woman who launched her own business with the support of our program, partners, and the local community. Today I’ll visit other businesses in this region that we’ve supported and the American Corner in the Trebinje National Library”, said Nelson, adding that he’s happy to see this institution thrive after receiving support through the Localworks Activity last year.

The Ambassador said he visited the National Library to see first-hand how this cultural center supports the residents of Trebinje, adding that he’s proud of the people managing the Library for actively seeking out a way to make the Library more useful for its users.

“I’m happy to hear that Localworks, together with volunteers and the Library’s employees managed to protect 7000 very valuable books. This effort send the message that we can all be socially responsible members of the community”, said Ambassador Nelson.

Localworks will continue working in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is planning to invest 5 million dollars. They expect that BiH citizens will have great ideas and use them together with institutions, businesses and other actors to improve their local communities.

Milosava Supić, Director of the National Library Trebinje said that she was pleasantly surprised at how simple the process was for getting support. In addition to receiving funds, the Director emphasized the importance of their cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, which implemented the first stage of the Localworks initiative.

The Localworks Activity supports local communities in identifying the resources and support they need to solve the problems they have in their communities. Localworks will help local organizations, informal groups and individuals find solutions to problems they recognized in their communities. The announcement states that this initiative invites citizens to identify problems in their local communities and offer solutions using local resources and networking with other stakeholders in their communities.

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