Youth Officers Better Equipped to Support Youth in Their Communities

The second module of the Basic training for Youth Officers was held on July 20-24, on the mountain Jahorina. Sixteen participants, Youth Officers from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, improved their knowledge on public advocacy and lobbying, project cycle management and youth work. In addition to learning the necessary theory, the participants took part in simulated meetings with mayors, to get first-hand experience with lobbying. They also analyzed previous public calls for funding youth projects issues by different local communities in BiH.

“The second module was everything I expected it to be. The topics we learned about during these two modules were both interesting and useful, and can certainly be implemented in our local communities. The trainers met all my expectations, I have nothing but praise for them, and the Institute for Youth Development KULT for the way they organized the training. I’m particularly fascinated by interactive exercises, where we use practical examples to learn useful skills.” said Elvir Sinanović, Expert Associate for Youth Issues, Sports and NGOs in the City of Živinice.



The second module included a Coffee Time with Enisa Mešetović, Expert Associate for Education, Youth Issues and the NGO Sector in Ilijaš, who shared her inspiring story with other Youth Officers, and talked about the activity she conducts at the Municipality.

 “Coffee Time with the Youth Officer from Ilijaš was very inspiring. I got some useful information that my local community can benefit from. The Municipality of Vlasenica doesn’t have strategic documents concerning youth issues, so that’s something I’ll be working on. I’m grateful to the Institute for the chance to be a part of this training”, said Ivana Majstorović, Youth Officer from Vlasenica and one of this year’s participants.

The 5-day module ended with a visit to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Youth Center “John Paul II” in Sarajevo, where the Youth Officers had a chance to personally witness an example of good practice, and learn about the Center’s founding, activities, mission and vision.

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The Institute for Youth Development KULT has been holding youth officer trainings and certified courses for expert youth work associates employed in municipal and cantonal administrations. The training program consists of 5 obligatory modules (120 hours) to be held from June to December 2020 in various cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants will receive their certificates in December this year.

This year’s training is conducted with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of FBiH.

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