Institute Funds BiH Youth Initiatives with 20,000 BAM

There are plenty of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina who work hard to learn skills that they then invest into their communities, making lives better for themselves, other young people and members of their communities. Participants of the 15th generation of Learn, Think and Act! for young leaders are demonstrating how young people can build a better future.

These young people will spend the remainder of the year implementing local civil initiatives in 10 different communities. Zenica, Ilijaš, Srebrenik, Kiseljak, Tuzla, Foča, Bihać, Cazin, Žepče and Ilidža. They will have the support of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Embassy of Sweden in BiH, who are providing 20,000 BAM of funding to these young people with ideas.

Emina Zolota from Ilidža is one of the training participants who will be provided with financial support and mentorship by the Institute so she can lead a team of her peers in developing a Safe Map of the Ilidža Municipality through IT workshops.

“The survey on the position and needs of youth showed that there are more young people who are dissatisfied with the level of safety in their community than there are those who are satisfied. I want this initiative to help reduce the crime rate, and also show people where attacks by stray dogs happen frequently. People have the right to safety and my goal is to contribute to that. Over the next few months I will be developing an interactive Safe Map Ilidža together with my peers”, said Emina Zolota, one of the young people funded by the Institute. The collected data about locations and frequencies of attacks will be included in the map and made available to locals and tourists. Emina’s workshops will teach her peers basic programming skills and help them create value for the entire community.

In addition to the Ilidža Municipality Safe Map, the various initiatives will target human rights, ecology and civil activism. Some of these initiatives will help young people improve their local community’s youth services infrastructure and will allow them to build capacities and learn new skills. Some of them will be building bridges between marginalized groups and promote healthy lifestyles and some will teach youth about how public administration functions in local communities.

By signing these contracts today, the Institute for Youth Development KULT continues providing youth across BiH with financial support and mentorship.

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