Volunteering – Best Road to Success

“Volunteering brought me to a full-time employment in an airline company.” This is how Irfan Huseinovi? begins his account, having spent four years volunteering at the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The e-mail in which he answered all the questions we had asked him begins with apologising for the belated response. He says that he is on a break between flights and that he is sending his answers from the airport in Budapest. “This job is a dream come true”– is one of the sentences Irfan uses to describe his path from volunteering to a dream job.

He had heard of the possibilty to volunteer at the Institute from a friend who, as he said, had actively volunteered at the time and had spent plenty of her leisure time in a purposeful manner at SPAJALICA. Irfan laughs as he uses the phrase “spending leisure time in a purposeful manner” which is the motto of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, founded by the Institute for Youth Development KULT. “Spending leisure time in a purposeful manner – that is a true motto of us volunteers. At the Institute for Youth Development KULT I actively began volunteering in 2011, after finishing high school and I began thinking about pursuing higher education. I had visited SPAJALICA, the centre for us volunteers, before. Then I met my friend and I liked what she had to say about volunteering at the Institute.” – says Irfan.

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Initially, he adds, volunteering revolved around meeting new people, making friends and having fun. Later on, he became seriously involved in the activities conducted by the Institute in SPAJALICA. “There were many activities in which I participated. Still, I have to emphasize one which was my favorite – IlidĹľa Municipality Youth Day. This activity is my favorite because it always brings together all volunteers of the Institute who are in charge of organising the activity. Of course, the staff monitors everything. By working on the organisation of Youth Day, I learned, as the other volunteers, a lot. Perhaps it was precisely that job, with the education and effort invested in my training, that brought me to a full-time employment in an airline company. I am really happy today. I do what I love, enjoy every moment of my life and, all in all, I have fun. I visit SPAJALICA whenever I can. I still participate in all activities for which I manage the time. Volunteering will alwasy be my first love” – said Irfan.

He recommends volunteering to all youth: “You have to invest in yourself. Everything requires a lot of effort, time and sacrifice. All fruits take time to grow – everything takes time. Therefore, volunteering is the best road to success.”

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