Experiences of Youth Workers

In Ljubija, a small place nearby Prijedor, time stopped, according to the locals. This place used to be a mining town, and today living is difficult for both the young and the old. Youth from Ljubija and the area gather at Ljubija Youth Centre, and its staff tries to provide them with the best quality activities, education and entertainment. Maja Gara?a, the member of the organisation, successfully completed the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work in order to understand better and to respond efficiently on requirements of youth. She says that now, besides with younger children, she also works with older visitors of the centre. “The training helped me a lot. It changed my manner of thinking about volunteering and activism. We often organise volunteering and activism workshops to introduce youth to projects. Basically, we wish to persuade them that if they are willing, they are also able to do something” – says Maja. She adds that during the training she learned more about the legislature in the area of youth work and acknowledged the importance of knowing the Law on Youth, the Law on Volunteering and the Law on Youth Organising. Her colleagues as well noticed the difference in her work after she completed the training. Branko Bilbija, a volunteer at the Ljubija Youth Centre, emphasized that Maja is much more open in working with youth, and that she sets the boundary between authority and a friendly approach much more easily.     

Just  as Maja Gara?a, the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work was successfully completed by Rina KneĹľevi? of the Association Bridge from Gradiška. Rina emphasizes that the training helped her in improving her communication in working with youth and that her view on the activities of the organisation changed. “The training helped me to understand that working with youth is the right job for me. Having successfully completed the training, I also attended numerous conferences. I plan to continue with self-improvement in the area of youth work” – emphasizes Rina.  

Institute for Youth Development KULT lobbied for the recognition of associate expert on youth work as an occupation in 2014 and pursuant to a decision of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, associate expert on youth work was entered into the work position classification under the code 3412. Youth work is a planned programme of non-formal education designed to provide support to youth in the process of becoming independent adults and active members of society in which they live with the help of a youth worker.

The training has been completed by 25 attendants from 13 centres and youth associations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and soon the second Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work will be held.



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