IN MEMORIAM Goran Bubalo (1972-2020)

Goran Bubalo was a mainstay in the BiH civil society. If you didn’t know him personally, then you found a job or a seminar to attend thanks to his posts and writing. He was a genuine peacemaker, who did so much for the young and the old for all people in BiH and the region.

We have lost one of the greatest activists in the Balkans. Someone who always found time for each and every one of us, who would always give you advice and support with your projects, activities, people, donors.

The civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is irrevocably changed now that he’s left us. That’s why we have an obligation to keep alive Goran’s dedication, spirit, ideas and vision for true reconciliation and a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. We mustn’t stop, the society needs us and we owe that much to Goran.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is extending sincere condolences to the family Bubalo.

Thank you, dear Goran, for everything you did for us and the young people in BiH.

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