Club of Women MPs of FBiH Parliament: Public Policies Serving Public Interest

On June 23, 2014, members of the Club of women MPs of the FBiH Parliament, in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Initiative BH and the US Embassy in BiH, organised a conference titled «Developing public and gender-responsive policies as a catalyst of social, economic and political changes in BiH»

Welcoming the participants and guests, Director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, Zoran-Matiju KulundĹľi?, pointed out that the analyses made by the MPs were preceded by two two-day seminars, two round tables and regular consultations, with the goal of promoting the role of women Members of Parliament as generators of inclusive policies. Hafeza Sabljakovi?, MP and President of the Club of women MPs of the FBiH Parliament, emphasised the paramount value of not only cooperation, but partnerships and friendship with the NGO sector.

During the Conference, the panelists from the Club of women MPs presented three studies of public policies, including recommendations.

The first study, titled «Social Entrepreneurship in Agriculture: Catalyst of Social and Economic Change», started with a video presenting an example of good practice –  the Ĺ ekovi?i glasshouse, one of the most successful and modern social businesses in BiH, funded by the Mozaik Foundation. The panelists provided recommendations for improving the institutional framework, with the aim of promoting innovative employment models, pointing out the necessity of action on all levels of government, from the local to the state level. 

The second study, titled «Education, Learning, Additional Training and Retraining (Lifelong Learning) as Means of Facilitating the Employment of Women in BiH» lists several priorities which must be accorded attention in order to offer systematic solutions: education and advancing the employment of women, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, developing strategies and laws on adult education, and strengthening entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit, and market opportunities for women. One of the recommendations given by the study’s authors is increasing investments into training young people.

The third study, titled «Communication with the Electorate – Potential for Increasing the Political Capital of Women» emphasises the importance of interactive communication with the electorate, and proposes new media as an excellent opportunity for women in politics.

Presentations of the three analyses were followed by a presentation of the website of the Club of female Members of Parliament,, an example of the effectiveness of the communication methods proposed in the third analysis.

In her closing remarks, Emina Vra?o-Hajri?, Project Manager at VPI BH, emphasised the significance of the conference, the analyses presented, as well as similar analyses, in finding ways of introducing innovations and increasing the visibility of the Parliament, in conjunction with encouraging well-reasoned dialogue and a more proactive role of women in politics. 


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