9 Law Proposals, Decisions and Drafts at 41st Session of Board at Parliamentary Assembly’s HoR

The 41st session of the Committee on Economy and Financial Policy of the FBiH Parliament’s House of Representatives was held on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, from 12 to 3 pm.

In addition to Committee members, the session was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and proponents of regulations such as the Federal Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, and guests, including representatives of the project Strengthening Governing Institutions and Processes in BiH (SGiP) and a representative of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The session was held according to the following agenda:

1. Proposal law on amendments to the Tax Administration Act – urgent procedure;

2. Proposal law on domestic payments;

3. Draft law on corporate income tax;

4. Draft law on salaries and other financial rights of members of administrative organs and other organs of FBiH institutions, public companies and other companies in which FBiH is the majority stakeholder;

5. Draft law on unified registry of beneficiaries of financial compensations not subject to contributions;

6. Draft law on supplements and amendments to the Law on domestic trade;

7. Proposal of the decision on debt agreement between BiH and the International Development Association (IDA) for implementing the Project on Energy Efficiency

8.  Proposal of the decision on approving the credit agreement between BiH and the Saudi Fund for Development , for implementing the project on Infrastructure Development in GoraĹľde;

9. Proposal of the decision on credit agreement and project between the Kreditanstalt fĂĽr Wiederaufbau (KfW) Frankfurt auf Main, BiH, FBiH, and municipalities Tuzla and Zenica, for implementing the Project on water supply infrastructure and waste water disposal in BiH II;

10. Current issues.

The liveliest discussions were those on the Proposal law on domestic payments and Draft law on unified registry of financial compensations not subject to contributions. These proposals were approved for further parliamentary procedure, with the Committee’s caveat that the proponents present their arguments at the session of the FBiH Parliament’s House of Representatives.

Proposal law on domestic payments had been previously discussed during the Committee’s sessions, and this time as well, the Committee was not convinced that the Proposal would improve financial discipline, given that they are not certain of the effectiveness of the functioning of the main account, which the Proposal mandates for each legal person. 

Draft law on unified registry of beneficiaries of financial compensations not subject to contributions, proposed by The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, mandates the formation of a unified registry with updated information on all payments pertaining to the social policy domain on all levels of government, made to BiH citizens, pursuant to laws, regulations and decisions currently in effect. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy would manage the registry, and all levels of government would provide the Ministry with monthly reports on all payments made. Given that the proposal does not mandate the forming of a list of all regulations for different levels of government to make payments in the domain of social policies, the Committee merely approved the Proposal for further parliamentary consideration. 

The Committee approved the remaining proposals and drafts for further parliamentary consideration. No current issues warranted a discussion.

More details available on the official website of the Parliament of FBiH.


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