Centar Municipality in Sarajevo Preparing to Write Youth Strategy

The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Municipality Centar Sarajevo signed a cooperation agreement for working on the Municipality’s new Youth Strategy for the period o 2021-2025. The strategy will be based on a survey of the needs and problems of young people in Centar municipality. The Institute conducted this same survey 10 years ago in this municipality, and it will be interesting to compare the results and development over the past 10 years.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Municipal Mayor, Mr. Nedžad Ajnadžić, Executive Director of the Institute, Mr. Jasmin Bešić, representatives of municipal administration and the Institute’s Department of Research and Evaluation.

“I’m very glad that we’re continuing our cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development KULT on another initiative that I hope will be implemented successfully and beneficial for all parties involved, especially young people.” said the Mayor of Centar Municipality, noting that the Municipality is working on implementing other stipulations from the Law on Youth of FBiH and that a municipal officer will complete the Youth Officer training implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT, with the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of FBiH.

All local self-government units in FBiH are required to develop youth strategies pursuant to the Law on Youth of FBiH, which the Institute helped develop prior to its adoption in 2010.

I’m glad the Centar Municipality is the first municipality we’ve signed an agreement with this year, formalizing our cooperation on developing a youth strategy, which is required by law in every municipality and city in FBiH. Our guiding thought is making sure that all strategies we’re working on are realistic and actionable, because these strategies are intended to meet the actual needs of young people”, said Mr. Jasmin Bešić, Executive Director of the Institute.

Šeherzada Halimić, Head of the Institute’s Research and Evaluation Department noted that the agreement signed today is important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic because some municipalities have already reallocated what little funds were available for young people.

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At the end of last year, the Institute for Youth Development KULT issued a public call inviting all local self-government units in BiH to apply for co-funding the development of strategic documents for youth, which are required by law. the Institute will be supporting the development of youth strategies in other municipalities as well, and has already started preparing for the survey in Centar Municipality.

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