Youth Workers Better Prepared for Advocacy Initiatives

During the fourth module of the Training for Youth Work Associates, we learned about two topics: organizational management and public advocacy. During this module, the participants learned about the stability of organizations and the division of labor and responsibilities within organizations. They used practical examples to learn about the Theory of Change, time management and planning activities.

“During the last two days, we had a chance to analyze and think about the current state of the organizations we work in. We learned more about the legislative framework we’re bound by, about personal organization and useful tools. Another useful aspect was sharing our experiences from the field. We went into this process with an open mind, willing to acknowledge the factors that hinder our work, and create potential solutions. This module provided me with a lot of useful advice, and I’m going back to my organization prepared and motivated”, said Samra Ribić, Chairwoman of the Youth Council of the City of Srebrenik.

In the second part of the module, focusing on advocacy, participants from 13 local communities engaged in interactive work and experiential learning about defining and presenting specific problems and possible solutions, and creating public advocacy campaigns aligned with the needs and problems of their communities.

“Learning about public advocacy is very important for us as youth workers, so that we can work on improving the position of youth in an effective, comprehensive way. We learned a lot about mechanisms, tools and methods used to launch advocacy initiatives”, said Jelena Brkić from the Foundation Schuler Helfen Leben.

The fourth, final module of the Training for Youth Work associates was held on November 13-16, 2019 at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA in Ilidža.

The training for expert associates on youth work comprises four training modules, practical work and testing. The topics are: youth work, communication with youth, social competences and organizational skills in youth work.

Expert associates on youth work, more commonly known as youth workers, are persons employed at youth centers, youth clubs, youth organizations, organizations working with youth or public institutions that support youth development. Expert associates on youth work support the professional, personal and educational development of young people. By working with youth on different ideas and initiatives, expert associates on youth work join forces with youth in improving their communities.

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