Youth Warn About Violence Against Women and Girls in BiH

For years, the Institute for Youth Development KULT has been celebrating Orange Day, 25th day of each month, to draw attention to the problem of violence against women and girls. The Institute uses different avenues to spread awareness about this problem, teach youth about preventing violence, and advocating for the best ways to address and eliminate violence against women and girls.

Available data shows that one in two women over the age of 15 in BiH has been a victim of violence, clearly indicating that this is a serious problem and violation of human rights. This is why participants of the Institute’s UMiD 15 training decided to celebrate Orange Day in 13 local communities, and encourage the general public to take a more active role in addressing and eliminating this problem.

Young people in Ilijaš put up a sign that reads “End Violence” on the main walkway in Ilijaš, inviting their fellow citizens to learn more about this problem and join their efforts to eliminate violence. “As one of the organizers of today’s activity in Ilijaš, I’m satisfied with the work of our volunteers and the level of citizen engagement. Violence in any form is unacceptable, and we need to keep talking about this. Victims of violence are often afraid and reluctant to talk about this problem.  With this action today, we showed them that we’re on their side. Leaving a palm print is a small sign, a way to show them they’re not alone. It’s also a signature, a promise that the person who left their palm print will not commit violence and will report any instances of violence they notice”, said Đenana Šehić, a participant from Ilijaš.

A bit further to the east, in Foča, Marija Mališ, a student of the High School Center and UMiD 15 participant, held a lecture for 40 of her peers, focusing on the topic of violence against women and girls.


This topic was not a part of my high school education. So many people just turn a blind eye to violence against women and girls. I was happy I had a chance to raise awareness among my peers, and hear their opinions on this”, said Marija.

In addition to Ilijaš and Foča, Orange Day is celebrated in Brčko, Srebrenik, Kiseljak, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Novi Travnik, Bihać, Žepče, Zenica, Maglaj and Ilidža.

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