UMiD Participants Making Great Strides in Personal Development and Contributing to Communities

The 16th generation of UMiD participants is taking bolder steps on their way to personal growth and development. This last weekend, they attended a module on volunteering and civil activism. During this module, the participants visited the Muslim charity “Merhamet”, where they spent some time volunteering and cooking meals for disadvantaged families and migrants.

“This module stirred up some strong emotions and made us reflect more on what goes on in our communities. The activities we did, the volunteering in the soup kitchen, showed us that there’s no greater joy than being a part of a team helping develop the community. Volunteering also helped us see the other side of the story. It was fun and educational. We were more relaxed than before, thanks to this entire module”, said Lejla Bajramović from Zenica.

Modul II 8

During these three days of training, the participants were eager to learn more about the topics presented to them. Some of the participants gave statements for a documentary about young people which is currently being filmed by Televizija Sarajevo. Almin Hodžić from Tešanj also shared his experience from this module, and was particularly impressed with the guest of “Coffee Time With…”, Slobodan Blagovčanin, a young activist from Tuzla. Almin agreed that Slobodan was an excellent choice because the participants had a chance to talk to a person who engages in activism every day.

Slobodan was also the second guest of the show we air in our Facebook group eForum of democracy and human rights. If you’re not in this group yet, make sure you join us by clicking

UMiD is implemented with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH.

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