Western Balkans Youth Leaving Because of Political Instability

The main reasons why youth are leaving BiH are the economic and political instability, lack of faith in state institutions, unequal access to rights and institutional corruption. These were the conclusions from the three-day conference “Youth-Driven Policy Solutions to Emigration”.

The conference included political leaders from BiH, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia, and was organized by the National Democratic Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with a multi-party group of young people (Group 9) formed with the support of the NDI. The Institute of Youth Development KULT was a friend of this conference.

It was decided that social policies for young people, better education and stronger cooperation with the diaspora are crucial for creating a better environment for young people.

During the conference, Group 9 presented their document outlining guidelines for achieving concrete change in the lives of young people, which will soon be sent to government representatives.

The conference was held on June 7-9, 2019 at Swissotel in Sarajevo.

konferencija NDI 2

The conference hosted Mr. Šefik Džaferović – Member of the BiH Presidency, Eric Nelson, U.S. Ambassador to BiH, Vesna Pusić, Member of the Croatian Parliament, and many other politicians from the Western Balkans.

Youth emigration and addressing the problems faced by this segment of the population are among the priorities of the G9 Group, and the conference will be an opportunity to discuss the causes of emigration and offer concrete measures for improving the current situation.

Data about youth leaving and their reasons were presented by representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT from Sarajevo, NGO Srbija 21 from Belgrade and Foundation Friedrich Ebert headquartered in Sarajevo. The discussions will include various experts from BiH and the Western Balkans.

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