Modriča Supports Young Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth awarded funds for launching businesses owned by five young people in the municipality Modriča. Grant agreements were signed, amounting to a total of 30,000 BAM and this type of support is expected to contribute to developing sustainable businesses and creating jobs for youth.

“I want to thank the Kingdom of Sweden and the Institute for Youth Development KULT, because this project means a lot to us. 30,000 BAM may not seem as that much, but it means a lot to these young people. This is a small step we’re taking to keep youth in our local community. These young people are mostly interested in starting businesses in production and agriculture. It’s important that they create a job for themselves first, and then maybe for someone in their family, or other unemployed people”, said the Mayor of Modriča Municipality, Mladen Krekić.

Contracts were signed by Nemanja Vasiljević, who is planning to open a power tool repair shop, Dragan Đorđević, who will open a repair shop for office equipment, Jovica Mišić, who is planning to open a fitness center, Zoran Nikolić, who will offer maintenance and cleaning services for cars, carpets and office spaces, and Mitar Raulić, who will use the funds to increase the capacity of his bull fattening farm.

“I would like to thank the Municipality of Modriča and the Institute for Youth Development KULT for awarding these funds and helping us with registering our business, i.e. taking the first step towards starting a business. These are small businesses, and the goal is to grow and hire more people. My business will be about modern technologies, production and servicing capy machines. There is no such business in the Posavina region, so I thought of expanding my business and hiring more people”, said Dragan Đorđević, grantee.

potpisivanje ugovora modrica 2

The Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth uses joint funds of the local self-government units and the Institute for Youth Development KULT, with the support of the Kingdom of Sweden, to support the development of entrepreneurship and employment of young people from 8 municipalities and cities. The total amount of funds in the Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth is 400,000 BAM, which will be used to support 50-100 youth-owned businesses. So far, the Fund has supported businesses in the Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo, Municipality Jajce, Municipality Novi Travnik, Municipality Centar Sarajevo, Municipality Modriča, City of Cazin and City of Trebinje.

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