UMiD Online Training Available from Today at

Around one hundred youth attended the first regional UMiD online conference today in Velika Kladuša and thus they became the first attendants of Learn, Think and Act training that is available from today at

The conference was organised by the Democratic Youth Organisation of Velika Kladuša and by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

How to write a CV and a cover letter? How to write and finance a project? How to become an active member of society or your local community? All this and much more is included in the online training that consists of twelve modules and represents the best example of the importance of non-formal education in the educational process of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference was attended by Mr Jasmin Ĺ ahinovi? and Mr Senad Ĺ ehi? of the Office of Municipal Mayor, as well as Ms Edina Abdi? Pleho, head of the Municipal Council of Velika Kladuša. She expressed gratitude to the Instutute for Youth Development KULT and underlined the importance of non-formal education for the intelectual development of a young person. “Non-formal education in our country is very important. The Institute for Youth Development KULT has initiated a high-quality training that will certainly help youth acquire knowledge that the system cannot provide yet” – she emphasized.

The initiative was also supported by Edin Behri?, the Mayor of Velika Kladuša Municipality. Mr Senad Ĺ ehi? spoke on behalf of his office. “Mayor Edin Behri? sends his apologies for not being able to attend the Conference. The Office is at your disposal for any form of support required by both the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Democratic Youth Organisation. We are pleased that the first UMiD online conference was held precisely in Velika Kladuša and we sincerely hope that youth will be the initiatiors of positive changes and as leaders of our municipality participate in decision-making processes concerning youth” – added Senad Ĺ ehi?.  

Mirela Ajanovi? of the Institute for Youth Development KULT stated that the Institute has been the leading institution when it comes to working with youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina  for over ten years. “During this time, we have learned about the greatest requirements of youth in our country. UMiD, i.e. Learn, Think and Act training is our response to those requirements. Through twelve modules, youth who successfully complete the training, will really learn plenty about various areas and be much more prepared for the future” – added Ajanovi?. 

The training was already performed for 11 times in an in-class version and due to a great number of youth interested, it has been modified to an online version, as they claim from the Institute. “This way, no one will be deprived. All those who wish to learn something, may do so online. The best attendants will be awarded with a grant for local civil initiatives” – concluded Mirela Ajanovi? of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Regional UMiD online conferences will also be held in Sarajevo, Jablanica and Srebrenica.

The initiative is supported by the UNDEF.

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