From Volunteers to Successful Youth

Today Semir TaskeredĹľi? from Zenica is a successful young entrepreneur and youth worker in this BiH town. Semir is just one of 25 youth who completed the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

The Training, which focuses on youth work, is a planned programme of non-formal education created to provide support to youth in the process of becoming independent adults through youth workers who aid them in their personal and social development in order to become active individuals of the society in which they live. Semir says that it has been a lot easier for him since he completed the Training and became a youth worker. “I have become more concrete when working with youth. I know how to approach them and to interest and motivate them” – says Semir TaskeredĹľi? of the REaktiv Youth Association from Zenica. He also states that the knowledge he gained through the training helped him in becoming more aware of youth problems and in setting specific targets in order to solve them. “The Training helped me realise what youth require, so that we could truly help them. As an organisation, we work hard and advocate at the local community level and we discovered that lack of awareness the greatest problem the youth have. Now it will be easier to work with them” – he adds. Another example of how the Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work is useful is Mirha Krivi? from Tuzla Community Foundation. After completing the training, Mirha became the coordinator of a youth area in Tuzla. “I made it” – says Mirha. She adds that she spoke to governmental representatives and youth in the process. “I believe that we have made great progress. Until now, Tuzla did not have an area for youth. The area exists now and will be available to all for free” – emphasizes Mirha Krivi? from Tuzla Community Foundation. 

Institute for Youth Development KULT issued another public call for Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work (Youth Workers). The Training will last for 20 days (160 hours), and the goal is to support individuals who work with youth and to improve their skills and knowledge to develop youth work in BiH. 

The occupation of Associate Expert on Youth Work was entered into the work position classification under the code 3412 by the decision of the Agency for Statistics of BiH last year. 

Training for Associate Experts on Youth Work is conducted as a part of the project “Recognition of UMiD as a Training Course for Active Participation of Youth 2” that is being implemented in 2015 by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support of the Olof Palme International Centre. 

You can apply for the Training online HERE.

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