SPAJALICA Celebrates International Children’s Rights Day

The Educational-Leisure Centre for Yoouth SPAJALICA hosted children aged 6-10, from Sarajevo Canton, who celebrated the International Children’s Rights Day, together with the “School of Friendship” educators and the Discipline Centre Pofali?i. 

The International Children’s Rights Day celebration at SPAJALICA included children who attend the School of Friendship and children from the Discipline Center Pofali?i in Sarajevo. 

“Every day we care for children who live in the street and children without parental care. That is why we are taking an active part in the workshop on children’s rights so that our children would learn more on the topic. The children who come to our Center are invisible, so to speak, especially those among them who don’t even have birth certificates. Our goal is to teach the children about their rights, so that they would not fall victim to exploitation and violence”, said Elmedin Zuko, Head of the Department for prevention and sheltering children at risk at the Discipline Center for Underage Youth. 

During the International Children’s Day in SPAJALICA, the children were constantly engaged in creative workshops such as making paper kites, leaving fingerprints, creating a unique message in different colors, as well as unique drawings on the topic of friendship. 

“SPAJALICA celebrated International Children’s (Rights) Day through a creative workshop focusing on children’s rights. Since the children in the 6-10 age group are still too young to discuss a concept as serious as children’s rights, we showed them separate components of children’s rights. First among them is, of course, freedom, shown through a workshop during which they made free paper kites. Children are the ones who leave indelible marks on the lives of adults, so we asked our little participants what they want in life, and we are keeping all those messages safe. Finally, we talked about friendship as a pre-requisite for normal development, through the concept of storytelling, to present this particular right in child-friendly way”, stated BoĹľena Bili?, educator at the School of Friendship in SPAJALICA. 


After participating in creative workshops in SPAJALICA, the children were given candy and juiceboxes, intended only for them, so they would remember their time in SPAJALICA, which will host our youngest heroes and heroines on the next International Children’s Day as well.


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