Promotion of Manual on Gender Responsible Budgeting


Gender responsible budgeting is the key method for ensuring fairness in distributing public funds, for the purpose of achieving full gender equality. The presented Manual will be used by decision-makers for evaluating, passing and monitoring the efficiency of decisions on allocating public funds in order to enable such equality.

The developing of the Manual on Gender Responsible Budgeting was supported by the Agency for Gender Equality of BiH, Gender Centre of FBiH, representatives of the legislative and executive branches of government and nongovernmental organisations.

The significance of the Manual and the importance of integrating gender equality principles in the budget processes were discussed at the promotion by the Director of the Department for Democratisation of the USAID Mission in BiH, Jaidey Singh, the author of the Manual DĹľenita Hrelja Hase?i?, the Chairman of the Commission on Gender Equality of the Parliamentary Assembly’s HoR of BiH, Mirsad Isakovi?, the member of the Board of Economic and Financial Policy of the Parliamentary Assembly HoR of FBiH Jasmina Zubi? and the director of the Agency for Gender Equality of BiH Samra Filipovi? HadĹľiabdi?.

The Manual was developed with the help of the project for strengthening governmental institutions and processes in BiH (SGIP) that is in partnership with the Institute and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Since May 2013, the project has been focusing on building the capacities of governmental institutions to adopt, implement and ensure more efficient policies, laws and budgets related to the key issues of EU accession, including a guarantee of equal rights and possibilities for the whole society. 

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