May in Spajalica

Various activities – both educational and entertaining – were organised at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth Spajalica in May. For course attendees in Spajalica, the previous month signified a successful closure and certificates they were proud to receive. Guests of Spajalica enjoyed a discussion with BH actress and columnist Vedrana Seksan who talked about her successes, but also her failures. She spoke directly about her long path from receiving a diploma to playing a major part.

“When I graduated, I couldn’t find a job for a very long time. That didn’t discourage me. I didn’t wait for job vacancies, I knocked on all doors. Until, finally, one opened.”

Wife and mother Vedrana Seksan also talked about balancing between her work and family. She said that if one wants something strongly enough, all can be coordinated and managed. A relaxed but also educational conversation lasted for two hours. The guests of SPAJALICA were interested in Vedrana’s favorite roles, how important did she find her first major part? How does she organise her time to balance her family life, being a mother, acting, writing and volunteering? 

“I love my family – my husband and children. I really love my job as well. All can be managed and you can excell at everything” – emphasized Vedrana Seksan.

sp u pm

The youngest attendees of the School of Friendship are also slowly learning that all can be balanced. They marked a sunny May by visiting the Youth Theatre. They enjoyed watching the pirate play Captain John Peoplefolks. It is a play about retired pirates who face two challenges: defeating a sea monster the Sevenheaded Dragon and understanding true values in life. The play emphasized to the attendees that true life values are in fact socialising, friendships, sacrifising for others and courage. 

In May, representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT participated in at the 6th European Platform for Youth Centres, where activities and achievements of centres were presented. “Quality Label” certificate was awarded to the Eco-Centre “Radulova?ki” from Sremski Karlovac with whom representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Institute’s Youth Centre Spajalica are planning to establish cooperation in the following period.

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